What is PeerBlock? Does it work for torrenting?

what is peerblock

Despite the growth of many legal alternatives, most of the people cling onto torrent websites. If you are also a torrent user, then you might have already known the benefits of it and may not be able to stop using it.

Torrenting offers its users a much better experience with much less cost than has ever been possible before. As you all know that torrenting is an illegal activity and to avoid the legal issues, it is essential to protect your data like IP address.

If you are thinking about protecting your online activity, then you might have heard about VPNs like ExpressVPN, PureVPN, IPVanishVPN. But other than these there is also a better software which helps you to overcome all your legal issues which are known as PeerBlock.

Have you ever heard of Peerblock? If not, then keep reading to find out what is it and what do you get by using it.


Once you start using Peerblock, you can stop worrying about downloading a torrent file in regions where copyright infringement is punishable by law. Let's find out what is so great about Peerblock.

What is Peerblock?

Peerblock is an open source firewall application which blocks the incoming and outgoing connections to IP addresses from connecting to your computer. It is popular peer software that is often used by p2p and BitTorrent users.

The primary goal behind Peerblock is that users can hide from entities who have malicious intentions like spying on your activity. This happens by refusing access to your computer from agency IP addresses thus preventing them from knowing you are part of a torrent swarm.

With Peerblock, you can block IP addresses associated with governments, copyright authorities and similar organizations. It provides an option for you to choose from 3rd party blocklists which are essentially huge databases of IP addresses that block when Peerblock is active.

The idea behind this is if you can identify specific undesirable IP addresses that might belong to malicious users, government, or monitoring agencies who might sell BitTorrent data to the highest bidder, you can block these connections, which ultimately makes all your torrent downloads safer.

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Blacklisting and Whitelisting in Peerblock:

The concepts of blacklisting and whitelisting for computer security may seem similar, but actually, they are very different. When it comes to whitelisting, it allows only the IP addresses you have listed explicitly to connect to your computer.

On the other hand, blacklisting allows all IP addresses to expect the ones you have listed explicitly to connect. Both the concepts have their priority, but compared to whitelisting blacklisting is much less reliable.

This is because of the dynamic nature of the IP addresses. Every device on the internet has an IP address, but it cannot identify a single user or computer reliably because IP addresses get continually reassign by their owners.

Therefore, the concept of blacklisting that is the single IP identifies a company that you want to block does not follow.

Further, while tracking your torrenting most of the companies involved in this have a vast interest in avoiding your blacklist. To do this, they use a wide range of tools to avoid detection.

As you can't find out the IP address of all those people you’re trying to block, and you cannot keep up with the way they keep changing their IP address or predicting what they will do next to fool you, you will end up being exposed. Blacklists have to be accurate for everything to work and they can’t be accurate if they are ever-changing.

Does Peerblock work for you?

The whole concept and execution of Peerblock became a dwarf because something which can bypass very easily. The protection which Peerblock provides is fragile because it only blocks some IP addresses and it doesn’t block your IP. So anyone can see your address quickly.

The benefit of using Peerblock:

PeerBlock has a clean and easy-to-understand interface, as well as a public forum. It is straightforward for you to add new blocklists or you can unblock a particular range of addresses for a short period, or forever.

If you use the three most popular blocklists which are available for free for Peerguard, you might probably think that they would all combine for a few thousand, maybe 10 thousand IP addresses blocked.

In reality, with just the top 3 blocklists you can combine a list over 1.1 billion IP addresses which are almost equal to 25% of all available IPv4 addresses on the globe.

Unfortunately, not all of these peers are malicious or undesirable. The final result is that since you have far fewer peers to choose from, your download speeds might be much slower when using Peerblock.

Why is it not possible to block all malicious IP addresses?

The lists of Peerblock are made y blocking IP ranges of various types. Some of the IP ranges belong to research institutions, while some of them to the government and other to the companies etc. The truth behind using Peerblock is that the only way to block every malicious user is to prevent every single IP address on earth.

Any organization or other users who want to monitor your torrent activity is not going to dissuade by the fact that their IP address got blocked. In general, the entire income of most of the companies depends on their ability to log the IP addresses. Even though you block their IP address, they will not go out of business just because of this reason.

They will find other alternatives where they can quickly change their IP addresses. By simply using a VPN service like IPvanish, any monitoring agency or other users can create over thousands of IP addresses which are available at a single click.

Although you use a blocklist which helps to block the IP ranges of popular VPN providers, a monitoring company can still create their custom IP switching service by renting a VPN. If their new IP's get occludes, then they can move the entire system to a new server with a new set of IP addresses which relatively offers them little trouble.

You might not know the new IP address of the same organization, then how can you block them? It is not possible right! This makes it impossible to block every IP address that monitors your torrent activity.

Does Peerblock work for torrenting?

Peerblock works efficiently what it sets out to do on a technical level. However, it is fundamentally imprecise regarding privacy solution. For torrenting, it is not possible to protect your privacy with the idea of Peerblock. Here are the reasons:

1. Blacklists would never be 100% accurate:

The lists of IP addresses of malicious users are never constant. Any administration agent or other government organizations need to do is investigate from a new location for the first time, and they won’t be on any blacklist.

2. Blocking the IP addresses can have adverse effects on internet performance:

When you block thousands of IP addresses, some of the websites may fail to load as they are blocked. When it comes to torrenting, having a much smaller pool of IPs to connect to, will ultimately slow down torrenting and make fewer hosts available for leeching files.

3. Peerblock doesn't hide your IP address:

When you are trying to connect to a torrent file, your IP address is, and anyone can access it easily.

4. Peerblock doesn't encrypt your traffic:

This means that your Internet Service Provider is entirely aware of what you are doing including the activities like visiting websites and torrenting.

Why doesn't Peerblock encrypt your data?

Even though Peerblock can block every malicious user IP address, there is one monitoring agency which it cannot block.

That is your Internet Service Provider. As mentioned above, it is fully aware of all your activities. It knows your activities because all your internet traffic routes through your ISP servers, they have the complete access to your data stream.

Using the technique of deep packet inspection, your ISP can see what websites you are visiting, or what protocols you are using or what files you are downloading using torrent.

There is comparatively a simple solution to block your ISP. That is to encrypt all your incoming and outgoing data by using a virtual private network service.

Peerblock cannot encrypt your data, and this is the reason why most of the people prefer VPN compared to Peerblock. Once your data encrypts, even your ISP cannot decrypt or read your data.

Is Peerblock a VPN?

No. Peerblock often uses a Torrent VPN. It is merely a firewall system that blocks the IP addresses. You cannot compare Peerblock to VPN because VPN offers a far more refined solution for online privacy. It provides considerably more functionality and peace of mind.

You can find various services that allow you to use an anonymous IP address whenever you are downloading torrent files. The most popular options are a VPN service and a torrent proxy service.

Best alternative to Peerblock:

If you want to hide all your online activity from prying eyes, then you need to use a decent quality VPN solution which is a much better idea than using PeerBlock.

A VPN helps to encrypt all your traffic, and it also provides an anonymous IP address where you can connect to other sites and services by hiding your IP address. Peerblock cannot and does not fix these concepts

Is there any benefit of using Peerblock and VPN?

Some people might be wondering whether to use Peerblock and VPN together for better use, at the same time or choose one.

Peerblock has the specific purpose of blocking your connection to the IPs which you have selected, and so there is no need for it as it is not a substitute to a Virtual Private Network, nor those it offers something that you need but cannot get through a VPN connection.

So there is no benefit of using them together to get what you want. Moreover, the advantages of using VPN connections are far, and you don’t need PeerBlock at all.  

With a simple VPN connection, you can get access to geo-restricted content along with a safe environment online and full privacy. You will have the ability to download whatever you wish, and you can bypass censorship and surf the web anonymously.

How to choose right VPN for torrenting?

All the VPN services are capable of encrypting your data but using, but some specific VPN providers are much better choices for the users who are frequent to Torrenting.

  • Most of the VPN providers keep some logs.
  • All the VPN's you find doesn't allow torrents on their network.
  • Some of the VPN's are easier to use when compared to others.

Since anybody can start using a VPN service, many of them who started by just a few individuals may not have the basic knowledge of technical know-how or financial resources to provide quality VPN software.

The majority of VPN providers may require you to set up the connection manually using 3rd party software like OpenVPN.

You can check out the top VPNs from the list of VPN providers mentioned considering thoroughly before listing down their detailed features for your convenience.

If you’ve been using PeerBlock and assuming that it keeps your entire online activity private, then it is time for you to rethink. You have seen yourself that Peerblock’s features and reliability are flaws next to the offers of the right VPN service.


Of course, Peerblock is a useful first line of protection against sharing information with people you don't want to share information with, but it is not correct, and the size and scope of the lists could cause some surprises or odd behavior, especially if you forget that it's running.

So we recommend you to use a VPN service which provides more privacy than the Peerlock and get free from all the legal issues you are facing. If you are not already using a VPN connection, it’s time for you to start using.

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