VPN vs Proxy vs Tor For Torrenting :- Which one is best ?


When we are accessing our information on a computer, we all get concerned about the privacy. No one would like to take the risk of having their confidential information exposed illegally.

You can have an assurance of having your information kept safe. This can only happen if you are willing to invest your time and money.

Proxy, Tor, and VPN give you this assurance. Today we will discuss the three so that we can understand how they work. We will look at their differences and similarities as well.

I trust that at the end of this article you will be able to make an informed decision. The information will guide you as you choose any of them.


1. Proxy

The proxy server works amazingly in protecting your data. It comes in between the client and the server. It takes your request and passes the information to other concerned servers.

The customer may be in need of a file, connection or any other information. The proxy has a way of simplifying the request.

 You can use proxy anytime you need to overcome an IP address blocking. When using it, you can hide your IP address and hence all your activities.

Put the servers separately. This can be at different places between one server and the client’s computer. Connect the proxy server to a computer that is in use. There are different types of proxy servers as discussed below.


Did you know that you can use this server as a front-end? Yes, you can use it this way. It helps in increasing the level of privacy.

It protects hackers from accessing the server. It transfers the client’s request from the actual internet and takes them to the concerned server.

The clients who do not know much about reverse proxy may confuse it with the ordinary server. This is because it passes the given request to one or more servers that handle it.

It has a way of returning the response that is from proxy like it came from the actual and original server. This has several advantages. One of them is that clients will not know the original server.

It has other functions such as balancing the impact on the server. This will ensure that the server does not have a lot of weight. The speed will remain high.

When the server takes a long time to load, you will have to spend a lot of time for doing a small task. When this happens, the server becomes unreliable. You can refer to it as internal excellent facing proxy.

There are immense advantages of using the reverse proxy server.


Some clients are slow when using web servers. Reverse proxy server helps the client to work faster hence saving time and resources.


When you are using it, you get an assurance that your server will not be attacked. The proxy protects the user from all web applicator.

People cannot trace your IP address on the web. This enhances security.


The proxy server can press the available information. This reduces the time that would be required to load any given data.

This means that it speeds up every process.


This specific server shares the load to different web servers. Each of them serves particular application areas.


It gives access to various functions. All this happens as it conceals the server behind the given firewalls.

It has other functions such as decryption, authentication and coaching different static contents. This includes graphics, pictures and other contents.


This type of proxy is efficient for large companies. This is because it helps when getting information from diverse sources.

Its name is internet diverse facing proxy.


There are so many open proxies throughout the internet. You can access it anytime you are using the internet.

Its name is a forward proxy. It has various functions. One of them is that it enables its user to conceal their IP address. IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address.

 This can be possible throughout the session that the user will be browsing. The other time you can conceal it is when using any other internet service.

The level of anonymity is different depending on the type of proxy that a client is using. Suppose the clients are not aware, they can be tricked into revealing their IP address even when they are using it.

Other proxy servers go beyond non-modified responses. This type of proxy is called tunneling proxy.


Tor is an anti-censorship tool that is free of charge. The aim of making it was to assist people globally into getting different content without getting deterred. It also helps people to communicate without fear.

It has many encrypted proxies that have different layers just like the onion has. It will be hard for other users to track your IP address. This is only when you channel several internet traffic through several encrypted proxies.

It’s only your first layer that will know your identity, this way you will have an assurance of safety. The last cord is the only one that will be able to tell your destination. No other user will be able to connect these two layers.

The amusing thing about all Tor Proxy nodes is that those who operate it are volunteers. You can access it through different means like Tor Browser Bundle. This helps in channeling all traffic while using Tor network.

You can use Tor in diverse ways; you can use it as a torrent proxy. It is secure and anonymous. You can visit any website anonymously. You will face different anti-spam hitches in the process.

Tor network is advanced in a way that it uses layers socks proxies. This is an advantage because any software or app that can connect to this socks proxy will use Tor. This involves Android, Skype among others. Tor has several weaknesses. Let us discuss them so that we can make an informed decision.


Any time you try to stream HD video using Tor, you will find that it is slow. You only end up having 480p resolution. This is not an HD quality. You will find that you cannot be anywhere near the actual downloading speed.


When you have a torrent client that wrongly configured, your IP address can be exposed. Tor can be used to connect to trackers.

There was a time that researchers from France did this test. They were able to reverse the anonymity of more than ten thousand people who were hiding their torrents. All the users were using tor; researchers had an easy time tracing the IP address.


The founders of Tor made it with an agenda in mind. They intended to enhance security. They had no intention to help you use Torrent secretly.

It was not intended for downloading MP3. It has helped so many people globally to communicate freely. People have been able to expose abuse, oppression, and other sensitive matters. This is because their address is not detected. This way they are not worried about their safety.


This includes DHT which means Distribution Hash Table that has become very famous. The Distribution Hash Table depends on UDP transport protocol.

Tor cannot be able to work with UDP connections. Some clients end up disabling the non-supported functions.

There are others that ignore the UDP proxy settings. Suppose they route them away from the Tor tunnel they will leak your IP address.

3. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It channels your internet traffic via another server that belongs to VPN services.

It is possible to encrypt all the traffic with 256 bit or 128 bit. This depends on the settings you are having.

People go for it as they look for a solution to the current strain on corporate networks. They are continually looking for a way to connect to widely dispersed offices.

People are in need of a service that is cost-effective and reliable. It deals with windows server 2003. It uses various strategies that enable them to provide high security.


This creates a well-established connection. It is on a private network at a remotely accessed server.

This is relatively expensive compared to getting network through VPN connections.


There are only two ways of having a VPN connection. This is either Layer Two tunneling or protocol tunneling of point-to-point.

This takes place when there is an intermediate network like the internet. As VPN uses leased connections or dial-up, they save money and time.

It uses high-security technologies like data encryption, network access control, and authorization.

Suppose VPN dealer keeps track of your activities he can share them out. They can tell the IP address that you used: this means that you will not have any security.

There are VPN that are ranking on the top list. We will discuss one of them below.


This is suitable for those people who like Torrent. Its price is affordable. You can categorize them into the following:


The user can decide on when to run their VPN connections when using Tor network. This is by clicking on the right button.

There is an assurance of 100% security.

(b) Netflix

This one is exceptional because it allows over 50 streaming services. It happens automatically.  This is also known as smart DNS.


It is a Torrent that is not restricted. It has ten servers whose locations have socks proxy servers.

VPN offers an assurance of refund within thirty days. This grant clients security; this is why many people are not afraid to buy it.


This private internet has been tested and verified in court. It is cheap and easy to use. It is awesome for short-term use.

Its strength is assured and can be adjusted depending on the user’s desire. Let us discuss how both VPN and Tor work.


- Tor has 1-4 Mbps; this slows it compared to VPN.

- Torrent clients will do a manual setup.

- There are torrents that you can accidentally expose leakage. This happens when you fail to root them well.


- The software for torrent clients will not be required to change any settings.

- VPN encrypts the whole internet connections.

- Each torrent connection passes via VPN tunnels.

- Its encryption strength is 256- a bit.

- It has a high speed of 50-95% of total internet speed.

- The user has control over where to place the exit node.

Are there any similarities between VPN and Proxy? Let us check out.

- They have one thing in common. Both of them make you look like you have a connection from the different internet. It appears like the internet is in a different location.


- Proxy is only able to mask our IP address. It cannot be able to prevent the access of your activities on the internet. This is because of lack of encryption.

- VPN can come up with an encrypted channel. This helps you to transfer your data in a safe. People who are not authorized cannot access your information.

- VPN can conceal your IP address with web RTC and DNS. This allows you to get access to restricted websites.

These websites include BBC, Netflix US, and Hulu among others. Proxy is not able to do this.


You are now enlightened: You can now be able to decide wisely. Do not allow people to continue accessing your private documents.

Ensure that you choose the best when you are purchasing.

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