What is a VPN Kill Switch for torrenting? And Why you must use it

It is important for you to test the level of IP leak before you buy any VPN. This will help you in ensuring that your information does not leak at all.

This aims at checking whether the VPN tunnel is in place when you are torrenting. It plays a role in ensuring that it conceals your IP address and other online activities.

How Can A Leak Take Place?

A reconnection leak can take place making your privacy to be at risk when you are using VPN. This takes place when the system gets a lot of weight and the VPN server disconnects. The computer then re-starts before the VPN server becomes active.


No alert appears when you are working with torrents, and the disconnection takes place. The user cannot identify when the VPN is not functioning. This can make the user expose his IP address unknowingly.

Killswitch helps in dealing with this exposure leak. It works by stopping all connections that would contribute to the sharing of information that has no encryption. This takes place when the circuit breaker has a lot of weight from the traffic.

 Some VPN providers’ installs kill switch into their devices. It is essential for everyone using VPN for torrenting to be safe. Increase the level of your privacy by buying a VPN that has this feature.

The examples of the VPNs that has kill switch are Air VPN, Nord VPN, and IPVanish. Suppose you already bought a VPN that has no switch kill and you have a subscription in place already do not panic.

You will not have to spend your money on getting a new VPN. You can add the kill switch on your VPN using the software. It will help you in disconnecting your internet when it senses that your internet privacy is at risk.

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The Main Functions Of A VPN Kill Switch:

  • It enables you to keep a close check on your VPN connection when you are dealing with torrents. When the VPN server connection is at risk, it disconnects the apps immediately. It only allows the apps to work when the server for VPN start working again.
  • It helps you in staying focus by stopping you from browsing through internet connections.
  • It helps you to conceal your Identity when you are online. It enables you to stay safe when the VPN server fails.

We will discuss an example of several VPN kill switches below.

#1 VPN Check

This is a type of VPN kill switch that has two different versions. They include pro and free kill switch. Both have a lightweight.

They are not complex at all; you can use them with ease. Their kill switch becomes effective when it detects that there is a compromise that is about to take place in the system when you are torrenting.

The pro type is more advantageous because it has a DNS fix feature that deals with any leakage.

#2  LiquidVPN

Liquid VPN is not new in the market. It has been on the market since 2013. Its provider is in the United States of America.

It has two unique features that make it outmatch its competitors when it comes to torrenting activities.

(a)   It has a kill switch in place. Its liquid lock prevents any leakage that would take place without it. The users have assurance against disconnect leaks, DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks and WebRTC leaks.

(b)   The users will not have to worry about exposure and leakage of all the DNS commands that they make. This is because liquid VPN does not keep any DNS logs.

#3 VPNetMon

This is a free kill switch that has 1 tier. It is compatible with a wide range of VPNs software that is readily available in the market.

You can torrent on three different VPNs concurrently.

#4 VPN Watcher

This type of a kill switch has three tiers. You can choose from Gold, Free, and Personal. When you get the charging version, you will enjoy two benefits:

  • You can use it on several applications concurrently.
  • You can check your connection at any time.

You will require a stable configuration that you will do manually when you want to connect VPN watchers. This is because there are types of VPN that are not compatible with it.

This one has a kill switch installed in it. It has many servers that are reliable. This makes HideMyAss effective. It is easy to work.

It has a ‘Secure and Reliable IP Bind.’ It ensures that the apps function in the condition that the VPN servers are working properly.

#6 Comodo Firewall

This free firewall is useful for people who deal with crowd open source. You can go to settings and set it to function like a kill switch.

Today you can get a kill switch that is compatible with MacOS AND Android 8. You will be able to get a standalone kill switch for Linux and Windows soon.

A kill switch that is system based is beneficial. Its features work solely without relying on the app. It is effective even when your phone memory runs slow.

When you want to activate the kill switch on your Android you will follow simple steps.

  • Click at Unlimited VPN settings.
  • Click at ‘always on the VPN.’
  • Click at block link in the absence of VPN.

How To Install the kill switch on MacOS.

  • Click at settings.
  • Click at ‘turn on.’


A VPN kill switch is essential in securing your internet activities and when you are using a VPN for torrenting purposes.

A VPN helps in keeping your internet activities secure, but it is not 100% safe. This is because the connection to the VPN server can go down at intervals when there is heavy internet traffic.

This can allow sharing of your data which is risky. Hackers and other unauthorized people can access your data.

That is why it is essential for you to get the VPNs that have a kill switch. A kill switch stops your internet connection when it detects that there is a security risk. It ensures that your IP address, traffic, and activities are safe.

Ensure that you get a VPN for torrenting that has a kill switch. You can install a kill switch to your current VPN suppose you bought the one that has no kill switch.

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