Difference Betweeen UTorrent and BitTorrent and its Uses


In the field of computing, many things have been brought about to enable us to keep up with the day-to-day change of technology.

For example, the use of torrents is widely embraced by so many people who are technologically advanced. They have adopted it since it’s beneficial for many people around the globe.


A torrent is defined as a computer resource that holds files carrying different information. This computer resource is also called a computer file. In other terms, it can be told to be a network that makes it possible for the transmission of data.

A torrent file does not have the content to be dispersed; it only contains the data that is inside those files. In simple terms, a torrent file accommodates information that supplies information about other data which is called metadata.

In the torrent, there is a process called seeding. Seeding is the uploading of already received data for others to download from it.

Torrents are one of the most widespread forms of file sharing on the internet. They function like a key that warrants one to download the actual content. An example of a typical torrent in this field is Bit Torrent. It has been in existence for over six years and has been in use all over the universe.

Bit Torrent

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It is a technique that one can use to download files using multiple systems. It is also defined as a procedure for distribution and sharing of digital media like software, videos, games, audios, electronic books among many others. Bit Torrent uses a protocol called peer-to-peer (P2P) which makes it easier to use and faster compared to another torrent.

Bit Torrent is available in 20 different languages, and it contains software that allows download of high-quality content. The download process itself is attained in small pieces sharing those parts with other clients or programs hence the name ‘Bit’; to use this torrent, one has first to have a Bit Torrent program that runs your torrent downloads. Example of such a program is u-torrent.

U Torrent


Trademark software Bit Torrent program protects it. It is owned and developed by Bit Torrent Company who made it known to the public on September 18th, 2005.

It is believed to the most widely used Bit Torrent program globally with over 150 million users. U Torrent is supports recognized platforms like the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac operating system and many other newer versions.

Benefits of Bit torrent and U Torrent

In case of a situation your computer shuts down may due to power loss, and you have no internet access, you will be able to continue with the download once you are back online and therefore no need to start again from scratch. You can also choose to pause the download yourself and later resume.

  • A torrent helps you download files faster even with slow Internet speeds.
  • They convenient since files are easy to locate and download.
  • Enables you to download and upload large files in the shortest time possible.
  • Users don’t incur any cost; it is free to upload and download.
  • Sharing is made easier. With peer-to-peer protocol, files can be easily shared without distraction.
  • Torrents give detailed information about various files that you want to download.
  • You can decide on how many torrent files you want to download at ago.
  • You can preview the rating, votes, and comments before downloading a torrent. Users can have a clear picture of the content they want to download.

Tips on how to use U Torrent and Bit Torrent

First and foremost one needs to download the torrent to be able to continue. This torrent can be downloaded by using the internet and visiting their official websites whereby no extra cost is charged. It is completely free. Download the possible file to start the installation.

Click next on the two screens that will appear.

Another click that ‘I agree’ that is after going through the license agreement.

Click next on the button that appears after deciding whether you want the U Torrent to run at startup.

Click ‘Decline offer’ to the button that will appear since Utorrent is a protected Software and avoid installing this and other offers that will be brought along the way like free music in U Torrent’s installer.

Click Finish to complete the process.

Peruse through to locate a legal source of where you will find a collection of different media that you require downloading by using popular shorthand.

Double click it when you get it, and Utorrent will open showing you the files that are related to the software. Tick or don’t tick the box that is next to any folder that you want.

Using the option available on the left side of the window, select where you want to save and then click ‘OK’ button.

You can watch the file you are downloading while it is still in the downloading process. So there is no need for you to wait for the entire video to finish downloading for you to watch.

The critical thing to note is that you should keep an eye on the speed of the download and the estimated time that it will take to finish, switch to the original u torrent interface and choose the ‘Torrents’ section that is on the left side of the window.

The quickest way to download whatever you are interested in is to prioritize first. One may need to download two or more files but always select the one you would require the first.

To have the download that you would want first, you need a switch to the main window at the right-hand side and then click the up arrow to move the file at the top of the list and then selecting the torrent you think should be the first on the line.

How to upgrade your Torrent download speed

Select the right Bit Torrent Client/program: Not all clients have updated to their latest technology. Choosing the right client that is compatible with your operating system. Some Bit Torrent clients are like U Torrent, BitComet, and Vuze.

Ensure that your torrents are from a well-recognized torrents site.

Examples of torrent sites include:-

  1. The Pirate Bay:
  2. Extra Torrent
  3. Rarbg
  4. 1337x
  5. Lime Torrents among many others

If you want to limit the rate of data transfer, you can check on the properties dialog box that will appear on the torrent you are downloading. You can check by double-clicking on the right-hand side of Utorrent. The dialog box will enable you to adjust the maximum and the minimum upload or download rate to your appropriate speed.


Make sure you have chosen a file that has a good number of seeders and peers. A record that has many seeders and peers is the best and can be located quickly. If it a song or a movie it will have the best clarity.

Protect from failing tracker that is caused by either the torrent that is deleted from the tracker or has stayed more than a year and has been removed henceforth has stopped functioning.

Remove unwanted files. In case you have downloaded unnecessary files, always ensure you have deleted them to increase the speed of your download and to have more space to store new ones.

Use a good source of your internet connection. Different broadband is available in the market; obtain the one that will supply good internet for you to enjoy your downloading.

As the technology becomes better and better, many things are also becoming easier and quicker to get them whenever we want them through the internet. Nowadays, one can watch a movie without necessarily buying them from a movie shop. Torrents at our disposal make this even more exciting.

Television shows and games are now booming businesses in many parts of the universe. Children nowadays don’t play outside like the good old days. They are glued to their sits watching, listening or playing games. Technology has done wonders for our society.

Things to note before using Torrents

Although all this is available when we need it, one has to be familiar with the sites that are available too. One has to be able to recognize what content is legal and what content is illegal on these specific sites.

Before embarking on using torrents, be aware pirate content. Some sites are existence to satisfy people’s lust for piracy. Their mission is to download music, movies television shows, and other media without paying, of which it is illegal.

Another important thing to note is that when downloading files from torrents, you can be easily tracked and so it is advisable to protect your privacy by using a VPN that lets you hide your IP address.

This procedure hides your data, and your data is encrypted. No one will be able to track your online moves. Discouragingly, it is paramount to sign up with a reliable VPN provider to avoid dropping you’re your internet speed.

It is also good to protect your device from viruses which can be downloaded unknowingly through the sites. Always be sure of what you are searching for and select the right one.

Some are prone to viruses, and this can harm either your files or even damage your hardware. It is good to be very cautious when searching and downloading things that you do not know.

Every day we learn new things, and it is for our benefit that we embrace and try to execute them for our benefit. The use computers and familiarizing with the things that are available to download can cause us to open up our minds to new goals and hence save our pockets.

For example, when one has acquired and learned the use of these torrents, it is wise to use each one of them if you have the required equipment. All over the world young adults have embraced this knowledge and are putting it to use.

Direct download from the server to your computer that was initially being used is outweighed by torrents because when the download is interrupted, you get to start afresh with the download or risk getting a corrupted file.

In conclusion, U Torrent has been trusted to be user-friendly, and it is believed to be the lightest Bit Torrent client compared to others.

Together with Bit Torrent, these two are said to be customers that deal with the torrent download. These two torrents can work on a mobile phone as well. Phone users can access these torrents and download music and games from them.

Since the date of their release, Bit Torrent Company is the leading company in the distribution and sharing of files in the universe.

Over 70 million users have been able to deliver and receive what they want all over the universe. This massive downloads and uploads have enabled the company to grow to serve its users more efficiently and effectively from different parts of the world.

This company has reinvented itself for the past years and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. The company is set to solve many issues related to uploading and downloading media files on the internet by its users. With a click of a mouse, you can have as many collections of movies, series, music, and books if you are a lover of them.


It is time to be up to date with the latest technology in computing. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you know what you want, and you can connect to the internet.

Whatever you desire to watch is right in front of you. You cannot get bored if you are a game lover, just download from the torrents and have fun during your free time. So many games to choose from are at your disposal any time you want something new like music or a new movie that trending.

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