TunnelBear VPN For Torrenting :- Does it Secure for Torrenting ?

TunnelBear VPN

We all know that torrents are the best way to download or share any file on the internet. Torrenting became very popular because of its speed and simplicity of downloading and sharing the files.

It has been the quickest and well-known method of P2P file sharing, for more than 15 years. Torrenting is a great way to watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and many more while saving your money.

While doing this, most of the people neglect taking care of their security and privacy until something terrible happens.


We all know that torrents are the best way to download or share any file on the internet. Torrenting became very popular because of its speed and simplicity of downloading and sharing the files.

It has been the quickest and well-known method of P2P file sharing, for more than 15 years. Torrenting is a great way to watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and many more while saving your money.

While doing this, most of the people neglect taking care of their security and privacy until something terrible happens.

Reasons behind choosing a VPN:

VPN helps to secure your device and network connection. When downloading the files on the torrent site, VPN helps to hide your IP address. It is used to re-route all your internet traffic through a secure private network in a location you choose.

During this process, the VPN hides your real IP address by changing the IP address to the one that is used by thousands of people on the internet. You can find some VPN servers which are used for securing the IP address. But remember not all the VPN's support torrent downloading.

You can protect your data by adding privacy with the help of VPN when using public WiFi networks across the world. VPN is not only used to secure your information, but it provides plenty of advantages to businesses and personal use.

It doesn't store any of your browsing or identifiable information which means that they don't have anything to share with the government. It helps to hide your real identity by providing you with an IP address that is used by hundreds or thousands of users while torrenting.

You need to look for a VPN with a laid out privacy policy. Before choosing any VPN, you should ensure that it has no logging guarantee. Finally, everyone wants to have a VPN which offers fast download speeds to keep the files coming quickly, and a service which doesn't garrote the bandwidth speed.

When compared to the other VPNs Tunnel bear is an excellent choice, and it is a well-known brand. It is available for both free and paid VPN users. You can find many VPN's that can be used to protect you successfully while torrenting, but we are going to discuss only one VPN provider, and that is Tunnel Bear.

Review on Tunnel Bear VPN for Torrenting :

Tunnel Bear is a VPN provider which has been on the market since 2011. It was developed and launched by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk.

Tunnel Bear is well-known to the people as it is the world's easiest to use VPN for both consumers and teams.

It will secure your internet connection by using an encrypted tunnel to locations around the world. By just providing an email id and password your account is all set and ready to use.

Tunnel Bear is not only used to protect your internet, but it is also used to protect your identity, IP address, and to experience the internet connection similar to the people in other countries.

User interface:

The first thought that comes to any user after visiting the Tunnel Bear website is that the name is perfect for the website.

Throughout the entire site, the users will find the bear theme as entertaining. The website is covered entirely in bears, and it also includes elegant design, wording and high performance as well.

The app looks quite simple, and it provides only one option that is on/off switch and list of servers from which you can choose. It has strong encryption along with the browser extensions which serve as proxies, and it doesn't store your online activity.

Tunnel Bear servers are located in 20 different countries worldwide and can provide you safety internet connection without any difficulty throughout the world. It comes in three different packages: a free package, monthly package, and a yearly package.

Tunnel bear not only accepts the payments via credit cards, or debit cards but it also allows you to pay through bitcoins.

All these three will offer you same features except the limit of data. Three packages will let you use five simultaneous connections unlimited amount of switching between servers in 20 countries around the world.

Benefits of using Tunnel bear:

All the VPN's are designed to satisfy the ultimate goal that is to protect the data from unknown users. Here are some of the benefits which you need to know while using Tunnel bear.

-Whether you use a broadband connection, public wifi, or office network your sensitive data is kept away from prying eyes.

This VPN uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure all your personal information over the network. It is one of the strongest encryption types which cannot be hacked.

  • You need to login to a site to protect your data from others or to avoid annoying ads or spams. VPN's like Tunnel bear will allow you to connect to a gateway city other than yours without logging, by hiding your IP address. It also helps to block trackers to limit advertisers’ access to your online browsing.
  • Without any restrictions, you can access your desired sites from your location by using an IP address assigned by Tunnel Bear. You do not need to worry about facing issues like copyright, access to blocked sites.
  • Tunnel bear helps you to stay connected to the network all the time regardless of your traveling areas with internet restrictions. You can browse the news, visit sites, and manage your emails without any worries.
  • ​With the help of Tunnel bear servers, you can stream faster and bypass network gridlock efficiently.

The Tunnel Bear platform comes with a minimal design that is intended to match up with the needs of all internet users who are aware of the current security threats that are found online.

This VPN server is straightforward to install and set up, and it provides a very comprehensive and easy-to-use interface which is a benefit when it comes to the internet users with moderate technological knowledge.

It also prevents your ISP from monitoring or tracking your online activity. The VPN has an added advantage that can get through country firewalls when you are on a business trip.

Like discussed above, downloading and installing of Tunnel Bear is very easy-peasy. By just clicking on the download tunnel bear button that is present on the website, the app starts downloading into your device.

Launch the installer, and the wizard will guide you through every step of the process. Once the software is installed, you are notified to create your account. Enter your correct information, and get your account verified. That's it! You are all set to start using this app.

No matter, how cheap the VPN is, you need to know whether it is safe to use. Tunnel Bear is explicitly designed by using the industry standard OpenVPN encryption on Windows, Android, and MAC devices.

OpenVPN comes with strong encryption protocol and the service also provides secure data authentication to make sure that you are connecting to the tunnel bear site and not to any anonymous miscreants. You can browse from anywhere in the world with less restricted internet from one of 20 countries network.

What TunnelBear offers you?

One of the main cool services offered by tunnel bear is Vigilant Bear. This feature is used to protect your data from going out over an unsecured connection while you are connecting and disconnecting your internet connection. It also includes the functionality of finding out the DNS and IPv6 leaks, which is used for protecting your privacy.

With Tunnel Bear, you can quickly get around the blocked sites and censorship. Upon logging in, you can see the map of the world displaying all the VPN server locations. Users can quickly follow the navigations with ease, and it injects a playful theme in its VPN interface to make it less technical.

Performance and Reliability of Tunnel Bear:

Tunnel Bear is located in 20 countries and operates the servers worldwide including all the popular countries like the US, Hong Kong, the UK, and Singapore.

These 20 countries are sufficient to fulfil most of your needs. This server is available to all free and paid users except for the Australian users. Tunnel Bear is open to all paid Australian users but not to free users.

When it comes to the speed, you can browse and stream without facing any annoying glitches. The performance of speed is very impressive across various devices and servers.

When compared to other VPN servers, Tunnel bear performs best, and it has the above average rating regarding speed. As it is located in only 20 countries, the speed might not be as efficient as other VPN's.

The performance of Tunnel Bear is preferably smooth, and it is proven that there is no leakage of DNS when using this server. Paid users have the advantage of using unlimited bandwidth with their subscription, and it also allows carefree, streaming, downloading, and browsing.

Tunnel bear holds a solid position in terms of monitoring and tracking user activity. This is the reason why it opted to deny the P2P service altogether.

Other VPN's like Bit Torrent and utorrent are used only for legal purposes and does not allow downloading the copyrighted content without logging.

You can watch all your favorite movies and tv shows without any restrictions as it hides your identity from copyright contents. This VPN automatically gets connected as soon as you leave the trusted network.

Features offered by Tunnelbear:

The pleasant color scheme and bear-related animations make the environment user-friendly and comfortable.

All the features are categorized neatly, and the app mostly comes with on/off buttons that contributes to the utter simplicity of use.

The features in Tunnel bear will allow you to block the traffic while connecting to the server or you can use the Ghost bear option to make your encrypted data stream look more like regular data.

If you an issue is raised while using this app, you can contact the tech support. It offers you an excellent online support via email. There is no direct calling or online chat support is available. But they can ensure you that your problem is solved within 10 hours after raising a ticket.

On the other hand, tunnel bear keeps some log connections for 30 days. Do you remember that no VPN is a log-free? Some are just more intrusive and aggressive than others. The amount of data this VPN stores is pretty trivial, and it is not time-stamped, so it cannot be used to add any time correlation attacks.

Moreover, it offers a simple VPN solution which is designed to suit the needs of the majority of the internet users. It is effortless to set up and install, and you can use it which comes with a bunch of useful features that can provide you with an enhanced level of protection.

Without any doubt, Tunnel Bear is incredibly simple to use, and it also provides 500 MB of data for every free user. You can subscribe to a paid account if you want to receive more data. The prices are not too big, and you can find two different types of packages in paid subscriptions.

You can browse the content from the websites which are being blocked in your country by choosing a server of other nation from your app. It is doing an excellent job against the state regulations by not storing any meaningful user logs. There is no speed or bandwidth restriction for the paid users.

Support and Maintenance:

The tunnel bear application is available on almost all platforms, including Windows, Android, MAC, and IOS. The mobile apps will let you contact the tech support directly while it is not possible for pc's. It also offers an extra benefit to their use that is chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions.

It also comes with a stand-alone ad blocker for chrome browser. If you are using a Linux based computer, then you need to install the service manually. But remember that the manual installation does not support windows, android, ios, or mac.


Tunnel bear also provides two additional security features. They are a Vigilant bear and Ghost Bear. Vigilant bear acts as a built-in kill switch while Ghost bear acts as a double VPN which adds an extra layer of security making the already strong encrypted data even less detectable by ISP. With one tunnel bear account, you can use one computer and two mobile devices at the same time.

The subscription plans may vary depending on the device. For example, mobile plans are available from $2.99 per month while pc plan open for $4.99 per month. When you are using a mobile plan note that once device can only be used at a time.


The application not only protects your browsing activity, but it also protect inbound and outbound connections which are made by  FTP programs, Instant Messengers, email clients, and VOIP programs, with just one click.

The secure tunneling and encryption method used by the service will make sure that you can carry on your day-to-day online activities without bothering about hackers and unauthorized users who might be using the same network.

Even if you are connected to an open network, all your data like credit card details, passwords, ecommerce activities, and passwords are secured with a high level of the encryption method.


Tunnel bear does not provide any refund policy or money back guarantee period. However, this should not be an issue as they already offer a monthly free VPN package. The cost of acquiring paid account is considered as average when compared to its competitors. 

It works well and unlocks the most popular streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu all the time. Unfortunately Tunnel Bear does not support torrenting.

If you are a torrent user and would like to increase your safety and security, then tunnel bear is not for you. You can use a different server to hide your peer-to-peer file sharing from your ISP, use a different service.

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If you are looking for a secure, fast and easy to use VPN service then subscribing to Tunnel Bear would make sense.

Either you can start using it as a free user or a paid user. Depending on the data you might require in a month, choose the free or paid subscription. So what are you waiting for! Don't you feel this as a great opportunity of using all the streaming networks without any restrictions?

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