PureVPN Review 2018 :- Is it Good for Torrenting?

PureVPN Review

During the era when hacking and stealing data can just be done with the tips of your finger, people need to maintain privacy, especially when they are in the virtual world. Pure VPN has successfully been able to provide their services since 2007.

A Hong Kong-based company offering one of the best VPN around the globe. By using their services, you can secure yourself from being hacked or traced by anyone. You can read about everything you should know about Pure VPN here.

One of the major perks of getting their services is that you can connect five devices with it at the same time. It also provides you a security against the hacks which are made via Wi-Fi. If you still face any issue, their 24/7 customer service is always there to help you.

The Pure VPN software comes with a feature which improves not only your internet security but also gives you a protected antivirus. The software also blocks the unnecessary advertisements, filters the URL and applications for the convenience of the people.


How does it work?

When you use the services of Pure VPN, all the activities you perform on the web goes through an encrypted channel to the VPN server from where the IP address changes before going to the web network you are using. In simple words, no one can steal or misuse our online data now. This service can come handing especially when you are using the public Wi-Fi service or the coffee shop Wi-Fi.

Pure VPN Torrent service

Torrent is one of the most demanded sites, but people do not prefer using their IP addresses while downloading as it is illegal in many countries. That is the time when VPN comes as a savior. All downloads are made without sharing or disclosing your IP address.

Pure VPN torrenting provides an excellent service in performing that task but at occasions, the speed may come slowly, and that is just because a large number of customers using it. As Pure VPN provides the cheapest and the most comprehensive feature range in this area, they surely have been able to get a lot of customers, but this fact does not lower the quality of their service.

In many occasions, people will suggest you buy another VPN for a torrent, but if you want something at a lower price with more privacy then this is undoubtedly the best one. On some occasion, Pure VPN will reroute your connection to a torrent-friendly location in the case if your location does not give an excess to it.

Why should you purchase their services?

The price they ask in comparison to the services they provide is pretty less. The company gives a wide number of schemes and if you purchase a more extended plan, the more discounts they offer.

At present they are offering a discount of 75% on the purchase of the 2-year plan, which is quite a good deal at such a low price. Payments can be made via credit/ debit card, PayPal, CashU, AliPay and a wide range of gift cards. If you are not sure about purchasing a full plan, you can always use a three-day trial pack to check their services.


Pure VPN major service is to provide privacy to its user, so that is the reason why they do not keep a record of any of the data you use. The time you use any of their servers gets automatically recorded.

Apart from that, they do not monitor any of your activities. So don’t worry, even they don’t know which website you have visited or which application you are using. As it is a Hong Kong-based company, the government have strict rules about keeping track of anyone’s browsing that is the reason why they do not maintain any logs.

The Killswitch Feature:

This is one of the most famous features of Pure VPN. There are occasions when VPN connection goes down and that is the time when anyone can attempt to hack or steal your data. To counter this problem, Pure VPN came up with a feature known as Kill Switch Feature which helps the customer to maintain privacy even when the VPN connection is out.

Even though the connection will only go out for few seconds, it still can be in your favor. To activate Kill Switch Feature, go to the settings and click on “Activate Internet Kill Switch” and save the settings. Once you have activated this service, you are entirely secured as your data browsing will stop as the VPN goes down and the best part is that it will reconnect on its own without any manual click.

Port Forwarding:

This is another favorite feature of Pure VPN. You all know that information we send goes to an IP address which consists of few digits.

Although it has become a straightforward task to change your IP address with the help of a VPN connection but with the help Port Forwarding, you can even give a fake identity to your IP address by giving it a new location, which can be a place thousands of miles away from you. To use this function, you send a request by sending the IP address you want instead of yours.

The host that receives the IP address changes it to the IP address you want and forward it to the destination where you want it. This feature is used to mask your location easily from anyone.

Pure VPN application

You can easily download the application on your Android phone and as well in your ISO phones. The functioning of the application is quite similar to the website. As it is user-friendly, you can easily discover every feature within no time. Although the access may differ a bit in the application the difference is very minute as the application provides all the good features of the website.


After using Pure VPN, I can say they have done a great job by building a very user-friendly application with all the essential features.

 They are one of the rare VPN Company offering such a large number of features at such a low price, and that can be the reason why they have made a good name in 141 countries across the world.

Their feature of allowing five connections to connect at the same time is undoubtedly an additional perk of using their services. Their features like Kill Switch, Port forwarding, and Spilt Tunnelling make their services better than their competitors.

Talking about their customer service, they are available 24/7 hours assisting their customers. The staffs are very polite and responsive to the problems. As they provide fully secured services, you can completely rely on them to maintain your privacy.

Their website is fully loaded with many more features which can get the attention of the people quickly and because of the attractive yet straightforward UI; one can immediately locate everything in the website without facing any issue. To say everything above, in brief, I would just say that Pure VPN is the most affordable VPN services with a lot of features.

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