Paid Vs Free VPN :- Which One Should I Use?

paid vs free vpn

We all like free things, but it is different when it comes to some services for examples IT support, hosting or the VPN services.  

A VPN (virtual private network) is a secure and private solution into the broader internet itself that allows users who include individuals, organizations, and businesses to send and receive data while maintaining the secrets of a private network.

In such services, we can apparently agree that you get what you paid. One reality check that most of us fail to understand is that there is no such thing as a free VPN.

This is because for every VPN service provided there are very high recurring costs and maintaining each user around the world is quite expensive in addition to updates and application development.


A torrent is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed and therefore torrenting is the process of downloading or seeding torrents, torrent files or the content of the torrent files.

While torrenting one needs secure connections, but most importantly one requires online security. The data being transferred or downloaded should be safe from any hacking.

It is only wise that you read this article before signing up for any VPN provider be it free or paid. Most people will always ask, “Why to use a paid Torrnet VPN  when I can get free VPNs?”

This article will compare the advantages and disadvantages of both the free and paid VPN when torrenting and answer any questions you have about VPNs.

Connection Speed

Free VPN service means that it has already been used over and over again by other people.

 This apparently means that the supplier is broke since he is providing the VPN services for free and this will result in a lack of bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred in a fixed amount of time, and this makes it very expensive to produce a VPN server which can support thousands of connections at the same time.  

Therefore, it will be tough to use free VPN when torrenting because of the slow connections. Most free VPN service connections are unresponsive, slow and even unstable.

It is challenging to browse, watch or even download anything using the free VPNs connections because they might also fail due to the slow connections.

When torrenting the same case will happen using the free VPNs, and it is therefore highly recommendable that you use the paid VPNs when torrenting.

The providers of paid VPNs guarantee their customers of high-speed connection because they invest a lot of money on bandwidth and servers.

The paid services can afford both the server maintenance and the hardware. Some companies offer their clients access to up to 41 high-speed servers from all around the world.

Others are providing unlimited bandwidth, and this is because their clients are ready to pay handsomely for their great connections. When torrenting, you don’t want to unexpectedly disconnect frequently due to disruption because the secure connection is significant.

Customer Support 

When an earlier paid VPN is blocked, the company in charge provides you with a new IP address.

This means that paid VPNs offer their customers with the best customer support and this is because they can comfortably afford it.

 They have excellent customer support that is always available to their users 24/7, and they are still ready to help even on small issues.

For example when you want to download a movie for the first time, and you don’t know how to go about it, you can call the provider's customer support who will take you through the process.

So when torrenting and you encounter any problem using the paid VPNs servers, you can easily contact the customer support to assist you.

They are also referred to as premium VPN providers because of their excellent customer service. It is better to pay for a service and receive the best services possible than using free services.

This is so different in free VPNs, and this is because they have no funds. You did not pay for the services that they provide. Therefore, they do not have the money to employ support staffs.

With a free VPN, you should never expect an excellent customer service since the server is overcrowded and no one is willing to pay.

The lines are always busy because everyone is trying to call and the supports are not enough to receive each call. Using paid VPN is better than using free VPNs.

VPN Protocols

Free VPNs are only capable of providing the point-to-point Tunneling Protocol which only has standard encryption of just up to 128 bits (PPTP).

This means that your security level is shallow since free VPN providers have no money to offer high-quality hardware and support.

It is believed that some of the free VPNs companies collect user data and sell it to data brokers and this makes it unsafe to use their services.

Most of the free VPN providers belong to individuals who are not registered and their purpose for running those websites is only known to them.  Most of them do not keep logs and do not track any criminal activities that are done using their channels.

Unlike the free VPNs, paid VPNs services are great for keeping your data safe. They allow their clients to use Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Layer Two Tunneling Protocol/Internet Protocol Security,

Open VPN, Secure Remote Login and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol to tunnel their connections securely. Some companies even use up to 256 Bit encryption to make sure that their servers are safe and no hacker can exploit their private data. No hacker or cryptanalysis can break into military grade encryption.

VPN Servers and Nodes Location

A VPN service provider will spend more money to give access to clients their clients on more servers.

 Free VPN service providers do not have enough funds or resources, and therefore they will provide you with limited servers in few countries.

These providers mostly get their funds from advertising on their pages. This is another annoying issue when using the free VPNs, the free ads.

It is evident that the provider needs money to maintain his or her service and since the clients are not paying they should then expect a lot of ridiculous advertisements while using the free VPNs.

 Clients using paid VPNs are not disturbed by any ads, and they are offered with as much VPN server locations as possible. Unlike the free VPNs who are limited to only 50 countries, paid VPNs can access into many servers in many countries.

If you are sharing or uploading files to different nations or states, it is, therefore, advisable to use the paid VPNs since you can access the servers in the different countries. Paid VPNs are useful for torrenting, unlike the free VPNs.


Even with all those disadvantages, free VPNs have a positive side. Free VPN providers,

for example,

TOR which gives their clients free services will not require their clients to sign up to use its VPN services.

For those that ask for personal details to sign up, one can easily fake the user details without the company’s knowledge or attention.

This is quite the opposite while using the paid VPNs services because they will always ask for your correct personal information which is also used during the payment process.

We use methods like PayPal, Payoneer and credit cards to pay for VPN services and this automatically shows that one has to use their correct user details.

The anonymity feature of the free VPNs is a good thing to its users since they are not very sure of who is running that service. You cannot openly disclose your online transactions and data to a third party since there will be no paying.

Many people are using the VPN (Virtual Private Network) for most of their activities like torrenting.

And whether you like it or not, the price is a huge factor when choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) especially is being used for torrenting. Using VPN services is the best way to surf the internet anonymously and bypass strict web filters.  

There are so many VPN providers in the market today, and this assures you that there must be a free VPN provider in that market. But one has to find out the pros’ and cons’ when you choose a free or paid VPN service. Different VPN providers offer different security protocols.

From the above, it is evident that paid VPNs are better than the free VPNs.

They have more advantages which include strong connection, excellent customer support, connection to many servers and many more.

Funny fact is that free VPNs are a unique solution to protecting your business data at no cost! One has to base his or her options on the features she needs most from the VPN provider.

If he or she is more interest in safety, then you should use the free VPN, but if you want more features like great connection, paid VPN is the way to go. We can conclude that the clear winner is the paid VPN due to its numerous advantages to its clients.

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