IPVanish Review :- Is it Good for Torrenting (Updated)

ipvanish torrent review

IPVanish Torrent VPN Review

Anonymous surfing on the net has become one thing of a joke currently. Some companies monitor your information, others looking at your traffic and even still your ISP usually watches everything. Google, Facebook, Microsoft all of them understand what you’re doing, and most of the time it happens whether or not you prefer it or not.

That’s wherever VPN software comes into the equation, instead known as a Virtual Private Network. It grants you to peruse the internet with good haziness.

It’s pretty straightforward. When you connect with VPN, it hides your real IP address, and while browsing the internet, you’re given a mask to protect your real identity. If anyone tries to watch your connection your actual IP address is hidden, so its useless for the hacker or anyone spying to find your information because he doesn’t know you are the real person whose information he is looking.


IPVanish VPN offers an additional one very beneficial feature that becomes obtainable after using a VPN. If you reside in a specific country where a particular website or domain is blocked, you’ll just gain access to its website by dynamical your IP provided through a VPN. You'll adopt a unique IP address from an individual country ultimately permit you access to sites you’d preferably be barred.

The unique IP address brings lots of new opportunities for you to browse the net with real obscurity. Nobody will track you, and moreover, nobody will see what you’re doing.

In this regard, IPVanish has positively stepped up its game since our last review. And it has improved speeds and accessibility. However, it enforced a real zero logs policy, which has created its security further step higher.

( IPVanish is one of the vpn for torrenting )

IPVanish pricing

There are loads of things that cash can’t purchase. However, with IPVanish you’ll buy one of the first invaluable attributes in exchange for reasonable worth – PRIVACY. IPVanish offers three basic packages arranges:

one-month package plan for $10 only, three months package arrange for $8.99/month and yearly package arrange for worth as low as $6.49/month. Currently, let’s see what IPVanish needs to provide the competitive market costs illustrated.

Unlike alternative VPN services, IPVanish doesn’t confine their enticing and most vital options to their six months or yearly arrange. IPVanish’s VPN service treats every user equally – either you buy a month or a year.

The image prescribed below reveals the options related to IPVanish’s VPN service and package plans. One in every of the first profound options offered by IPVanish is its device compatibility.

You can get pleasure from VPN service from IPVanish on all leading versions of Windows together with Mac OS and Ubuntu. What is more, you’ll be able to additionally get pleasure from options of IPVanish VPN on handy devices  Smartphones, iPads, and Tablets supporting different operative systems iOS.

Unlike different VPN services, IPVanish contains a clear no-logs policy and guarantees a hundred online security. Moreover, IPVanish doesn’t place a limit cap on the information measure offered to acknowledge not solely client satisfaction however delight. Additionally, IPVanish with its prime of the road package plans gives Wi-Fi hotspot protection, VOIP support and three days FREE trial to ease your purchase.

IPVanish Server

IPVanish Server

While choosing a VPN service provider, one should evaluate all the aspects related to the service provided and advantages offered.range of servers provided by a VPN service provider and locations depicted by those servers is that the key component that drives the acquisition call of most users seeking a VPN.

Evaluate IPVanish’s servers in this regard. Therefore, we tend to study IPVanish’s servers totally to gift carefully findings that may guide all the VPN seekers out there.

There are various reasons for getting a VPN. A variety of servers situated in different countries is one in {every of} the key aspects that are correlative with nearly every purpose that a VPN is most popular. IPVanish VPN provides access to over 180+ servers geographically scattered in sixty countries.

This means that you merely will hook up with nearly any server you wish – from any country you like. This diversity of selection will liberalize you to access different genre of content either restricted for you to access or confined to a selected geographic location. Moreover, you’ll be able to access 25000+ IPs with the worth accessorial options provided by IPVanish VPN.

IPVanish Gaming server:

IPVanish Gaming

If you ever would like to add the extra edge over the competition once diversion on-line has a continue IPVanish diversion VPN servers. 

Their state of the art infrastructure aims to cut back lag and give you a smooth & stable connection.

The sensible vigorous network infrastructure including wonderful peering arrangements leaves low latency. 

Your ISP will currently tear their hair out as network shaping, and information measure asphyxiation can affect you a lot. IPVanish servers offer the nearest regional access to diversion users, thence shorter the route to the server the higher the speed of diversion.

With over 100 servers in additional than 44 countries, IPVanish offers an excellent variety of diversion IP addresses.

Android App

The IPVanish Android App is offered on Google Play at no cost and may be downloaded on any device, provided it’s Android version four.0.3 or up. The IPVanish Android setup is exceptionally straightforward and may be found out in many minutes on your android devices.app

IPVanish for Android provides a better security to any or all the devices and keep all the info safe from the hackers, snoopers, and malware. You’ll surf and stream the general public Wi-Fi networks while not the worry of obtaining your device attacked or spied on-line police investigation agencies.

IPVanish Android works excellent on all the devices and permits you to use VOIP services even on smartphones and tablets. You’ll create use of IPVanish for Android to create relatively low-cost native and international calls from all the VOIP services.

The app permits you to change your servers and provides you all the server choices to decide. IPVanish android App additionally works best once it involves accessing the flicks and television shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu, etc. you’ll access all the blocked websites in your region on your android devices with IPVanish.

You will be bestowed with the subsequent screen, once you’ve got put in the IPVanish android App with success on your devices. Enter your username and password and choose ‘Sign in.'

Privacy and Security

Most significantly, as stated, IPVanish currently runs a full zero logs policy. In contrast to with a different number of companies, if you’re paying with Bitcoin, all that’s needed for signing up through an email address and a password – the former of that might be anonymous. This means that right off the bat you’re ready to shield yourself to an excellent level. Of course, it’s still attainable to check in within the traditional fashion, and IPVanish can keep this information secure.

It provides PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN connection with 128-, 256- and 256-bit encryption. Aboard this, it’s a transparent Privacy Policy, DMCA, and Terms of Service define. To assist increase your privacy, it uses shared IPs and, attributable to the knowledge it logs – or we could say not log – it’s physically unable to spot any culprits, although requested to try and do, therefore.

As stated, it keeps entirely zero logs. We tend to antecedently had a problem with its work policies because it sent the North American nation a stop and refrained for torrenting, that countered each its P2P allowed and no logs policy. We tend tested this by torrenting, among alternative and then so much haven’t received something, nor have we have a tendency to noticed an unreasonable distinction in performance.

Ease of use

IPVanish best part is it’s straightforward and effortless to use. All you have to do is after installing the software simple open IPVanish, select a desired remote server and the related protocol you are interested in applying and then hit the connect button. Automatically IPvanish will choose the best optimal server for you at your nearest location and also handle all the essential components to keep your connection active. You can change the auto-reconnect features which allow you to reconnect to a VPN server when you connect lost automatically.

More significantly, IPVanish owns and runs their servers, which ensure they have complete command over their network itself. In simple words, you’re not connecting through publicly owned servers,  IPVanish servers are precise to handle VPN functions. This interprets about high quality for active VPN connections.

IPvanish best at

IPVanish is genuinely lovely for any network usage or connected application. Additional correctly, it works with HD video streaming, BitTorrent, Skype and P2P, safe browsing via a public Wi-Fi and additional. Vanish is well-known for fastest and most consistent VPN services around the globe and that’s correct.

No limitation with IPvanish:

Most VPN services have numerous restrictions like a bandwidth cap, the range of connections and others. Here we discuss what limitations IPVanish has:

There is no limited bandwidth limitation while using the IPvanish; You’re liberated to browse and transfer the maximum amount of data as you would like.

You can download the IPVanish software on your any operating system.

You can use dynamic IP for different purposes.

You can switch anytime between some available IPVanish servers.

IPVanish VPN is compatible is almost many leading devices and smart devices so you can easily connect your VPN with your desired devices such as DD-WRT routers, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Apple Tv and other range of different devices.​​​​

IPVanish Feature Kill switch

IPVanish takes your online privacy very seriously. It makes specific actions and ensures that your information is tunneled and safe with its unique technology support.  It offers its users the “Kill Switch.” With the “Kill Switch” option, you’ll be able to choose to off all of your network activities, just in case your VPN connection drops.

Kill A switch is a great tool that keeps enhancing your security. You get the freedom to keep off all of your online activities, till your VPN connects once again. IPVanish’s Kill Switch helps you to put off and join the net once again with one click.

 IPs switching Option

This distinctive possibility in  IPVanish VPN lets the users attempt to at random switch their IP addresses after a pre-selected time. If you’re involved regarding your online privacy the foremost, you must create the principal of this selection. Change the IP address, while not having a lot of impact on the performance of your VPN and therefore the speed of your web is undoubtedly the same, and it’s a great way to hide your identity from spy agencies and hackers.

Protocol & Encryption level

The range of protocols offered by a VPN service provider, additionally it is among the key elements to making stronger your security and privacy. The sophistication of a protocol selection will boost your anonymity and security from wired people who are always looking to steal your information. The protocols supporting IPVanish VPN is PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) besides the topmost  – OpenVPN.

PPTP is that the most typically most well-liked protocol by VPN users to access all the restricted content. Being a trifle bit less secure as compared to L2TP, PPTP permits a VPN user to access any content restricted to a specific geographical area just by connecting the server.

Security and encryption

With IPVanish VPN, say goodbye to any or all the geo-restrictions. Layer 2 of Tunneling Protocol is typically most well-liked by privacy involved people or those who are highly concerned regarding their security. L2TP, as compared to the previous protocol, is many secure; but, it’ll have an effect on your net connection speed once connected.

IPvanish provided the detailed tutorial guide to setup their VPN manually on your Operating system.

IPVanish provides rich tutorials which may just be accessed from the official website. Besides the free download for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android, IPVanish provides detailed tutorials and pictorial guide. Though, IPVanish offers manual setup just for configuring a VPN on Ubuntu, DD-WRT, Chromebook,  and Tomato Routers.

By evaluating the pictorial guides given within the tutorials, it will be easy for someone to establish a VPN connection on their required operating system.

Privacy and Terms

You might be snooping what I have to mention with relevancy the log and privacy policy of IPVanish VPN. Though, I do know that what you will be thinking at the moment about a privacy policy, terms, and conditions, agreement details. Well, if you’re curious regarding your privacy then you must read this alleged silly stuff; particularly, once you area is planning and reaching to purchase a VPN.

The primary motive behind getting a VPN is privacy and increased security. However, some like a VPN solely to bypass geo-restrictions. Anyways, regardless of what your purpose is behind before purchasing the VPN, you must continuously scan the clauses in a privacy policy. IPVanish not like alternative VPN service providers who claim false provision in their privacy but IPvanish has listed and defined its log and privacy policy.

The image given below provides the specific indication of the policy. There are only limited VPN service providers who have such pure and real log and privacy policy. Despite constructing shallow claims, IPVanish VPN doesn’t keep any records and has listed the info. I appreciate IPVanish for this generous measure of goodness here.

IPVanish Features

Unsurprisingly, IPVanish is one of all the highest VPN providers on the market. It’s a Tier one network of VPNs with servers in a very thumping 59 countries, and major countries like the united kingdom and North American nation have multiple servers to deliver a number of the most effective speeds within the business. It’s conjointly one in all solely a couple of VPNs to offer such unique features in additional other countries around the globe, like Egypt and Panama.

Alongside this, it has excellent team who give top-end security and exceptional client support.It’s conjointly enforced a full zero logs policy – not even connection logs – that is great.

IPVanish Support

Astonishingly, and slightly disappointingly, IPVanish doesn’t offer 24/7 live support. Its live support is accessible throughout operating hours (EST). On the top, it’s an excellent support list (with a number of the most effective setup guides that we’ve seen) and an attractive price tag web to supplement this. We have a tendency to found all its support team to be useful and knowledgeable, and that they were able to answer all of our requests with relative ease, tho’ typically we tend to had to press slightly to urge all of the data that we have a tendency to needed. Its support forums also are also useful and contain helpful data and comment, each by users and workers alike.

IPVanish Payment Modes

Use the following method to make the payment quickly at their website:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Delta

If you don’t have available listed above options, then you can pay the fee subscription to your Paypal account.

IPVanish 7 days of risk-free trial

IPVanish doesn’t offer a free trial. It does, though, it brings substantial discount offers from time to time for its users. There’s conjointly a 7-day a refund guarantee just in case you’re not 100% happy with the VPN service.

Why should I choose IPVanish VPN

The mode to increase VPN services at the tip of all the VPN services is a lot of or less identical, to stay the VPN user anonymous throughout their online interaction.

The distinction but lies within the presentation and also the method they approach the users.

A unique selling point for IPVanish is its strong understanding and applies of network security. It’s been operating in network security for over a decade. Thus you’ll be able to trust the corporate for its commitment to secure you from hackers, identity thieves, and spy agencies.

Alongside, it all conjointly assures them the liberty to access any of the social networking sites (Such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.), online video streaming sites (such as Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc.) or VoIP tools like Skype.

IPVanish Background

IPVanish is one of the entire famous service providers within the VPN business. Despite intense competition and unnumbered new entrants introduced in the market, IPVanish has with success maintained its position within the market. IPVanish is one of all the few VPN service provider that genuinely have the significant history of the business. A large number of different service provider came and left; though, IPVanish quiet enjoys its market share for around 15 years.

With the assurance of unrestricted access to geographically scattered servers, a massive number of IPs, secure identity and optimum client at the side of tech-support, IPVanish has reviewed in performance the first user favorites. IPVanish offers various features and package plan to decide on from in exchange for competitive value.

Furthermore, IPVanish with its geographically distributed servers and different IPs offered at the side of alternative options facilitating users to remain entirely anonymous and bypass web censorship.

IPvanish Conclusion:

After elaborate analysis and testing of the VPN, the final remarks of this IPVanish review regarding the VPN service provider are considered positive. With its appealing options and market competitive evaluation plans, IPVanish could be a VPN that you should add to you the bucket of alternatives. IPVanish is compatible with entirely different devices and offers FREE software package for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Furthermore, very detailed tutorials are available on different devices that are a piece of cake for you. IPVanish provides 165+ servers in 60 countries, 25,000+ IPs and lastly with seven days a full refund guarantee, our industry experts highly recommends its trial.

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