ExpressVPN Review :- How Good is the Service for Torrenting

Downloading torrents for free contents like movies, videos, software installers can put you in danger. Some countries forbid this kind of torrent downloads.

If the government finds out that you are downloading illegal torrents and seeding them, they can arrest you. If they do not arrest you, then you may get a huge fine.

 To keep your online privacy protected you must use a VPN. A VPN with useful features that can secure your torrenting as well as encrypt your data is necessary. I will describe the valuable features of ExpessVPN for torrenting and How ExpressVPN can benefit you while using the internet.


The Key Features of ExpressVPN for Downloading Torrents:

A good VPN for downloading torrents should have some essential features. You cannot use any VPN for torrenting. You have to purchase a VPN which allows torrenting and P2P file sharing. It is an advantage if your VPN service enables kill-switch facility. Sometimes VPN networks drop or interrupt; then you may face security problem while downloading torrents.

 A kill switch option can save you by cutting off the connection. For file sharing and downloading you also need DNS leak protection. This feature routes all DNS requests into the VPN server to keep your identity safe.

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How This is The Best VPN: ExpressVPN for Torrenting

ExpressVPN offers you the safety and secures your online identity. This VPN service provides several excellent features for torrent users. ExpressVPN hides your online activity from the eyes of the government, ISP, hackers.

No lawsuit can harm you while using this VPN. The government can easily track your downloads and track your IP address. As a result, you may receive fines, or they may put you in the jail for breaking the law. ExpressVPN provides you the untraceable browsing option. This service uses shared IPs that’s why anybody cannot trace your IPs while using this VPN.

This VPN also protects your data. You can download your favorite torrent files anonymously without leaving any trace. Now no one can know what you are downloading. ExpressVPN itself keeps no activity logs or connection logs. There is no chance of exposing your online activity or personal information.

Sometimes ISP slows down your streaming or downloading speed, and sometimes government makes them do throttling to limit your access. By the help of ExpressVPN, you can download whatever you want at high speed. Your ISP cannot reduce your speed or monitor your activity while using this VPN.

We can say that this is a good idea to use ExpressVPN for torrenting to make sure the safe downloading and get the fastest speed. ExpressVPN provides a Network Lock feature for your torrent which is like a kill switch for the torrent client. If your VPN server drops, this will automatically stop the traffic passing from your device. It will also protect your connection from any leaks.

Brilliant Features of ExpreeVPN:

ExpressVPN provides excellent encryption that will route all your traffic to the secure VPN server. The third party cannot monitor your activity. This VPN service also offers an instant kill switch facility which very important for downloading torrents. If your VPN network fails to connect, it will stop your traffic instantly. In that way, your traffic will not pass through the ISP server automatically.

This VPN is extremely easy to use and understand. You will find various apps of ExpressVPN for different types of platforms. ExpressVPN provides apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Routers, Android and Linux. The setup process is simple and less time-consuming. You can install the apps in just a few minutes. Then you need to sign up to connect to the VPN server, and you are ready to go.

The ExpressVPN network is ultra secure. They provide reliable encryption with lots of protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP. The network has 256-bit encryption as well. The server runs smoothly; you will get no disturbance while using the internet. They have servers all over the world.

The more servers, the faster speed. You will get 148 servers locations to choose yours. They have their servers in 94 countries. You can use this VPN from anywhere in the world. You will also get unlimited bandwidth along with the fastest speed. You can stream any content with high definition, no Geo-restriction, no fear of third party spying.

ExpressVPN offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This VPN service has 24 hours active online team that can provide you the world-class customer support. You can ask help from them related to any issue of ExpressVPN.

You will get your answer in several minutes. You can get the customer support via live chat or via email. You can simultaneously use this VPN server in maximum three devices. That’s an excellent opportunity for you, only one account and you can secure your identity on up to 3 devices.

Setup Process of ExpressVPN for Torrenting

You can download torrents with ExpressVPN from uTorrent, BitTorrent, Transmission, BitTorrent, Deluge, other P2P torrent clients. You can set up the ExpressVPN on your any device such as Windows, Linux, Andoird, Mac.

You will find a detailed guide to set up the ExpressVPN on your device. You have to download a torrent client and log in to your ExpressVPN account. Then connect to the nearest server or turn on the auto selection. Before starting download torrents, you have to check the IP address. You can visit the online privacy and security checker of ExpressVPN to ensure the safe downloading.


You will get three exciting plans for one month, six months and 15 months. You have to pay $6.67 per month if you pick the 15-month plan. The other two plans are pretty much expensive. You have to pay $12.95 per month and $9.99 per month for one month and 6-month plan respectively. You will get a 30-day money back guarantee will all these plans.

This service offers an attractive referral program. You can refer this VPN service to your friends to get 30 days free ExpressVPN service. That’s not for one time you can enjoy this 1-month free service each time your friends sign up for this VPN.

Pros & Cons of ExpressVPN

I like many things about this VPN service, and you will get all the sum up here

What I love about this VPN:

  • check
    Lots of servers
  • check
    Keeps no activity or connection history
  • check
    Helpful customer support
  • check
    Supports torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • check
    Apps with simple user inference
  • check
    Perfect encryption

What I do not like about ExpressVPN:

  • 1
    Higher price than other VPNs

Final Verdict

When you use a torrent client, the users of this service can see your real IP address and location. By using ExpressVPN, you can replace your actual IP address to ensure your safety. The price is a little high, but you can say that ExpreeVPN is now the best VPN in the world. They provide loads of impressive features.

You can use ExpreeVPN for torrenting without any hassle. You can try this exclusive VPN with the 30-day money back guarantee to enjoy full privacy. Download all your favorite contents or watch all your favorites shows you will be safe, no one can trace you.

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