How to download torrent safely without getting caught ?

download torrent safely without getting caught

Many people are familiar with the torrent.

But what is a torrent?

Torrent is a protocol or what we may call ‘files’ that do assist users to be able to share data with other people over the internet and within a short period.

Many people have a misconception that a torrent is a software or a VPN (Virtual Private Network). However, that is not true. To be able to use torrents, you rebitquire to have torrent software in your computer system, be it a laptop or desktop.


How do Torrent Work?

One of the things that you need to be able to note is that torrent does involve trackers, leechers and also seeders. The torrent software that you have installed on your computer does search for the file that you require to download, upload or even share.

Once the file has been located, then you can go ahead and be able to download it. After you have been able to download the file, the file gets to break into small components and distribution is done among the computer network.

After the download gets to completion, you then become the seeder. Then, it becomes your turn to be able to share the file. Once the file is available for sharing, then another person can start to download it, and hence they become a leecher.

It’s important to remember that point to point file sharing does assist in improving the speed and hence doesn’t affect the server speed. One more thing! The greater the number of seeds, the faster the speed; greater the number of leeches, the slower the speed.

Is downloading torrent Illegal?

Let us get to understand the difference between Seed, Peer and Leech. Seed is a person that has the complete file and not bits and pieces.

Peer is the person who does not have the file but bits and pieces of them instead. Leechers are the people that do download the file but do not share the files that they have been able to download whether in bits or in full.Is it legal or illegal to download this files using torrent?

Well, from a legal perspective, it is illegal to download content either from a television show, movie or even a game without the permission of the owners.

By the fact that torrenting is widespread all over the world, the users have this notion that it is harmless and hence you can never be charged for it. In many countries, they do have the necessary laws that may enhance and prevent downloading of torrents and their files.

In most times, even the torrent uploaders, they have encouraged the users to be purchasing the content or data. However, if you do avoid the use of VPN and you go ahead and torrent, well be sure that trouble may follow you.  Among the VPN solutions that you can use to protect your privacy includes Private Internet Access, Express VPN and many others.

Is Torrent Safe or Unsafe?

Well, most of the Torrents are safe. Majority of the Torrent sites usually do check them before they can host them. However, one thing to note is that not all torrents that are safe. Some can deliberately be willing to share viruses and other malware.

Other may not be deliberate as they do not screen the parts of the files that they are hosting. However, in some instances, you may find that the torrent is safe, but some viruses have infected your computer. This will automatically mean that the file will be infected.

How can one be tracked?

1.ISP(Internet Service Provider)

Your Internet Service provider can comfortably be able to read and view anything that is on your device. Some have been known to package and sell data to various marketing companies. Some Internet Service Providers can monitor your traffic, and then they will slow down your internet speed if they ever spot any torrent traffic.

2.Fake Torrent and be able to use Publish Torrent Trackers

Companies that have copyright holders like MPAA, RIAA among many others have decided to come together with ISPs to create a Copyright Alert System.

It is used to send DMCA alerts to customers who are downloading copyrighted material online. IP address of the people who are downloading copyrighted material is noted. They can also easily be able to trap torrent users by creating a fake torrent and being able to monitor public torrent.

I believe now you have a proper understanding of torrent. Now we can look in detail the various ways that you can use to be able to download torrent safely without getting caught.

Use a VPN: If you want to download the file securely, then VPN is what you require. Many users all over the world have been using VPN to download torrent privately. Well to help you, here is a list of the best VPN that you can use for torrenting

NordVPN: This is a zero log VPN service. This service allows the encryption of your data twice. NordVPN ensures that it doesn’t keep any log of its user's activities which will identify and be able to expose them on the internet. NordVPN does provide automatic internet killer switch in case you get network disconnection.

This ensures that your data will not leak. NordVPN is among the best VPN in the world. NordVPN does allow DNS Leak protection. This will protect and be able to unencrypt DNS request sometimes send by DNS server outside VPN tunnel. This VPN does come with multiple VPN encryption and protocols. It also does not have limited bandwidth.

Other VPN includes:

  • IPVanish
  • ExpressVPN
  • TorGuard

Here is how VPN help you to Browse and be able to download Torrent Anonymously.

Bit Torrent uses two things for torrenting:

  1. A Bit Torrent client for downloading the Torrent.
  2. A browser to browser and get a torrent file or magnetic link.
  • How do VPN work: VPN Client will help you to hide the real IP address and show the VPN server IP to every website or application that Visit. It is important to ensure that your VPN does follow ‘Zero Log’ policy. If the VPN keep any logs, it will allow them to be able to match an IP address and also a time stamp of a user. Whenever you are purchasing a Best VPN for Torrenting, ensure it has the ‘Zero Log’ policy.
  • IpMagnet: This is a tool that allows you to be able to see the IP address of which BitTorrent Client is sending and its peers and trackers.
  • Private Torrent Trackers: Private Torrent Trackers will allow less possibility monitoring.
  • VPN will help in Anonymous and Unblock Torrent sites

You may be using a browser that does not allow you to be able to visit a website and to be able to download a torrent file or magnetic link.

Some torrent will not be accessible in other countries. Well, VPN will protect you. Your ISP will block some website that is related to Torrenting. You can easily be able to unblock a website when using a VPN service.

The VPN service will be able to establish a tunnel between P.C and their servers. Since you are now using VPN server, you can make any request which will go to the VPN server through the encrypted tunnel and then to the requested website. This will automatically mean that your privacy is secured.

VPN will solve Bandwidth Throttling: Bandwidth Throttling is the process of slowing down the internet speed that is based on your traffic by your ISP.

They do this once they spot the traffic Torrent, Netflix. VPN will encrypt the internet traffic which will mean that your ISP can not know whether you are using torrent or even watching a video on Netflix. So to be able to fix this problem you require Bandwidth Throttling, then the solution is VPN.

  • The next solution will be to use free and paid services like furk.net. Well, this method usually works in a way that it first downloads the torrent for you. It then allows you to be able to download the file from the SSL encrypted servers. This would mean that your ISP would have no clue of what you are downloading. They will see nothing. There have been very many alternatives to this. Among them zbigz, boxopus among many others.
  • Another method would be to Search for Torrents with lots of Seeders: Lots of seeders will mean that the torrent is virus free. The reason for this is because others have been able to scan it and they can be able to guarantee that it had no virus before they started to share it. While this cannot be 100% guarantee, it can easily help you whittle down the list. More seeders will also mean that there will be faster transfer.

Well, VPN is among the best way to download torrent. This will not only enhance speed but also your privacy as a user.

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