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PIA Review [2018] :- Is PIA Good for Torrenting?

pia for torrenting

Many people are familiar with the torrent. But what is a torrent? Torrent is a protocol or what we may call ‘files’ that do assist users to be able to share data with other people over the internet and within a short period. Many people have a misconception that a torrent is a
software or a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

However, that is not true. To be able to use torrents, you require to have torrent software in your computer system, be it a laptop or desktop.

The two options are great when a user need speed for downloading or streaming, and you can also use a proxy to enjoy your online anonymity.

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ExpressVPN Review :- How Good is the Service for Torrenting

Downloading torrents for free contents like movies, videos, software installers can put you in danger. Some countries forbid this kind of torrent downloads.

If the government finds out that you are downloading illegal torrents and seeding them, they can arrest you. If they do not arrest you, then you may get a huge fine.

 To keep your online privacy protected you must use a VPN. A VPN with useful features that can secure your torrenting as well as encrypt your data is necessary. I will describe the valuable features of ExpessVPN for torrenting and How ExpressVPN can benefit you while using the internet.

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PureVPN Review 2018 :- Is it Good for Torrenting?

PureVPN Review

During the era when hacking and stealing data can just be done with the tips of your finger, people need to maintain privacy, especially when they are in the virtual world. Pure VPN has successfully been able to provide their services since 2007.

A Hong Kong-based company offering one of the best VPN around the globe. By using their services, you can secure yourself from being hacked or traced by anyone. You can read about everything you should know about Pure VPN here.

One of the major perks of getting their services is that you can connect five devices with it at the same time. It also provides you a security against the hacks which are made via Wi-Fi. If you still face any issue, their 24/7 customer service is always there to help you.

The Pure VPN software comes with a feature which improves not only your internet security but also gives you a protected antivirus. The software also blocks the unnecessary advertisements, filters the URL and applications for the convenience of the people.

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IPVanish Review :- Is it Good for Torrenting (Updated)

ipvanish torrent review

IPVanish Torrent VPN Review

Anonymous surfing on the net has become one thing of a joke currently. Some companies monitor your information, others looking at your traffic and even still your ISP usually watches everything. Google, Facebook, Microsoft all of them understand what you’re doing, and most of the time it happens whether or not you prefer it or not.

That’s wherever VPN software comes into the equation, instead known as a Virtual Private Network. It grants you to peruse the internet with good haziness.

It’s pretty straightforward. When you connect with VPN, it hides your real IP address, and while browsing the internet, you’re given a mask to protect your real identity. If anyone tries to watch your connection your actual IP address is hidden, so its useless for the hacker or anyone spying to find your information because he doesn’t know you are the real person whose information he is looking.

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