Betternet VPN Review :- Is it Suitable for Torrenting ?

betternet vpn review

A Virtual Private Network encrypts and protects your data connection online. Connecting to a VPN can protect your IP address and still maintain your privacy on insecure wireless hotspots.

A VPN is also capable of assisting one in accessing websites you could not reach usually. It secures anonymity between you and your business or your personal information.

Due to the advancement of technology, there are many VPN services to choose from. There are qualities that one has to confirm and check before buying or using any VPN.

You need to assess your need first before selecting any VPN. Look for that VPN that serves you and your purpose.

An example is if you only use Apple products, ensure that you find the best VPN for Apple and Mac products. Getting another VPN that does not serve the two brands will not work for you. 


Different persons have different priorities on how they use the internet. Some are heavy users while others log in a few minutes and that’s it. VPN service providers work hard to improve users’ anonymity online by offering a way that users could discreetly access the internet using a ‘Tunnel’ service.

The tunneling service displays the VPN IP address when you connect to a website instead of your address and masks all your communication to prevent hackers from accessing it.

This is why most internet users use VPN service to keep their home IP address safe while browsing different websites. VPN also profoundly affects your computers speed. 

If you want to browse faster then look for a fast VPN and ensure that, you also maintain your privacy between your network and the target servers through data encryption.

Therefore, it is important to install VPN on your computer for privacy, anonymity and fast browsing.

What Is Betternet VPN?

Most people never recommend free VPNs over the paid ones. This is because free VPNs have many disadvantages like selling your data or information to third parties.

Betternet VPN is among the latest VPN service providers. They have been in the market since 2015 famously known for their free services. Canada is where the Betternet VPN headquarters are, which is part of the Five Eyes Alliance.

Betternet VPN has managed to attract 38 million users worldwide in 3 years. This makes it one of the best free VPNs in the world. Because Betternet does things differently compared to other service providers who offer free VPN services, clients can be sure to enjoy their online privacy.

Betternet has been overgrowing and gaining a lot of users especially the android users. The main draw to this VPN service provider is the fact that it is free of charge.

VPN users can enjoy using their Android, Windows, Mac Applications, Chrome, Firefox Extensions and iOS without paying any amount.

The best part about using Betternet VPN is that you do not have to register, unlike the other Free VPN service. They do not get your email address, username or password. What you need to do is just to run the program and click on the ‘connect’ option, and you are good to go.

The deal sounds so good, and therefore, we need to think twice. As a free service provider, Betternet has bills to pay, and they need to make money somehow.

We know that most VPN service providers have scrupulous ways of making money for themselves. In this case, Betternet VPN service providers mostly rely on serving affiliate applications and videos through their apps to generate money.

Whenever you are on their site, and a video appears with the option ‘Watch a video and connect’ or ‘ Install an App’ option, the company gets some payment for that.

The high rising cost forced Betternet VPN service providers to release a VPN premium version. The premium version has better services compare to the free version in, for example, the premium version has dedicated servers, 24/7 live support, IP selection choices, and more locations.

The advantage is that the premium plan offers a free 7- day trial that lets the users try out the premium features at no cost.

Users can access up to 11 servers in 10 countries, but the issue is that you do not get to choose which servers to connect to on the free plan as Betternet service providers will pick one for you.

Betternet Free VPN Review

We all know that there is nothing in this world is free. However, Betternet has quite a stable system used by clients to unblock and provide privacy for free, and the free services are not very good.

There is nothing like free VPN because you end up paying for those services in one way or another.

This policy also applies to the free Betternet VPN services. An advert automatically displays on your screen once you open your default browser.

The ads only appear when you are connecting, and the users have the option of ignoring these adverts.

I would highly advise users to stay away from any VPN providers claiming to offer free services.

This is due to the same reasoning brought about by the results of the CSIRO study. Users need to understand clearly that all VPN providers both free and paid need money to service and pay for their support, maintenance, servers, app development and many more.

This means that for any service offered to you freely, you will end up paying for it in the long run.  Betternet free VPN users’ information should be cautious of the free services as they compromise the users’ digital anonymity and security.

The information said to be retrieved from users’ accounts is sold to thirds parties while some are even hacked.

Because their information, which is so. Betternet VPN service providers have already mentioned on their website that they are working with numerous advertising companies to help them cover the cost and the maintenance of their servers. 

Therefore, it is important for Betternet VPN users to subscribe to the premium plan to enjoy better services.

Betternet Premium VPN services

Betternet VPN service providers introduced their premium version late November for all the Android users.

They promised the iOS users that their premium version would also be launching soon. The premium version will have paid services meaning you will have to pay a certain amount to receive the premium services.

The premium members will have an added advantage compared to those using the free VPN services. Some of the services the premium members will enjoy will include 24/7 customer support, a more stable and better connection, location selection and many more.

This does not mean that the free version has decreased or changed because of the introduction of the premium services.  

The only way that users can get the premium services is by first downloading the free version and then upgrade to the premium version.

This assures the Betternet users that the free services are still high but if you need advanced services then subscribe to their premium version.

Betternet Plan and Pricing

The best part about the Betternet premium services is that it only comes in one plan. The only variation is the amount you will pay for the subscription period.

If you subscribe to a long-term plan, you get to enjoy customers’ loyalty discounts. Betternet has three pricing options which include;









You are the one to choose the payment type you want. In case you want to opt out of the Betternet VPN services, ensure that you cancel the agreement before your subscription expires because if you don’t the company will automatically charge you for another month.

Betternet VPn for Various Devices

Betternet for chrome

The Betternet VPN service providers have developed remarkable chrome extensions. The invention is recent, and maybe that is why it has a boasting appeal to users.

Most users are considering the chrome extensions better than the Firefox ones. The extensions are quite reliable even though some small issues affect the overall performance of the VPN extension.

Betternet for iOS

The Betternet app is available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad users. The best part is that one has the chance to go anonymous while still online.

The other thing is that users can unblock websites and shift from one server to gain access to restricted content. Betternet VPN service has well catered the iOS devices.

Betternet for Android

Betternet has also created extensions for the Android users. You only need to download the app then click on the connect option and wait for the application to connect. After that, one can easily enjoy surfing or browsing anonymously.

Betternet for Mac

When Betternet was starting up, they did not offer a native application for Mac users. This required the users to configure the VPN manually on the operating system.

However, after recent developments, they have even introduced a MAC application for MAC users. The app provides easy access to geo-blocked sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iplayer and many more.

Betternet for windows

To get started with the windows application, the user will only need to hit the connect option and enjoy unblocking their favorite websites.

Users say that this application is user-friendly and very intuitive. The app appears to have a rectangle shape, which is a simple but great design.

The best part is that users have the advantage of accessing to serves that are available for connectivity.

The compatibility of the Betternet app with different browsers is vital for internet users. This means that almost every device can connect to the VPN services offered by Betternet.

Betternet Premium Features

  • Servers in different countries

When picking the best VPN to use, you must look at the number of servers available. If a VPN service provider has several countries, this means that the user can unblock different websites and VoD services in different parts of the world.

The servers are located in different countries allowing the user to access and enjoy the advantage of faster speeds too.

Betternet servers are found in ten countries, which include; United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and seven other United States cities.

  • Allow peer to peer sharing

Another great feature offered by the Betternet premium service provider is the ability to download updates and applications from more than one place.

This means that the burden of downloading apps is lifted from users because they are downloaded and distributed to other devices around the world.

The betternet VPN providers allow up to five simultaneous connection, and one has to have high internet connections to enjoy this.

This means that users can enjoy connecting with five devices without getting a ‘connection limit reached’ warning.

An example of a Five simultaneous connection is a connection between two computers, one iPhone, one iPad, and one router.

  • No adverts

Betternet company gets its revenue to run the program by adding ads to their sites to attract more customers to those companies.

To enjoy the premium services without getting annoying ads that keep on popping on your screen, you need to visit the setting part of that application.

A drop-down menu will appear, pick on the option’ I don’t want to help anymore’ option. This will free the users from getting any adverts while browsing or using the internet.

This is a unique technique used by Betternet to provide better VPN services to their clients.

  • Wi-fi security

No matter the type of connection the user is using, when using Betternet be assured that your connection remains secure and private.

Whether one is using a private or public WiFi, you can relax knowing that your Security and privacy is guaranteed.

This is because Betternet VPN providers have provided many security protocols and a high level of encryption to protect their users’ identity.

The role of the VPN is to mask your identity so that no one can track back your internet activities. Customers can freely explore the websites any time at any place.

  • Betternet Official website

Their official website is straightforward to navigate, and therefore users will find it easy to access. There is nothing much happening on their home page.

First, customers get to learn how to download the free application. They advertise more of their free services that it is even hard for one to notice that Betternet offers premium services.

  • Security

Betternet is based in Canada where it is one of the Five Eyes surveillance team. This can be both a good and a bad thing.

We can confirm that it is hard for clients living in a protected area to be hacked. The sad part is that in case you are doing malicious activities one can easily get caught and thus it does not promise full privacy.

The Advantages of Betternet VPN Services

  • Great security options and substantial privacy

Betternet VPN offers their clients with open VPN, which is very secure. The company does not have many features, and therefore everything is straightforward and easy for users.

They are based in a government surveillance country, which does a great job of intelligence gathering. This means that it is hard for unauthorized users to access your information.

  • Free version

Betternet has two VPN plans the free and the premium one, which users have to pay to enjoy the services offered.

Those users who need to use VPN services and do not have enough money to buy for these services can use the free Betternet VPN services.

The services are quite good and promote secure browsing for you. Even though the free version had a little hiccup here and there, the services and featured offered are good.

Enjoy private browsing using the free Betternet VPN services and avoid getting worried about people tracking your internet activities.

  • The simplicity of their application

The advantage of how easy it is to use the Betternet application makes up for the lack of advanced features.

For the clients who want privacy and are not interested in connecting to servers in other countries, you will only need to download the app and press the option ‘Connect.’

After that, the company will inform you if you have connected or if something went wrong. That’s really, what clients needs to do and you are good to go.

Even the mobile apps are easy to use, and you need to first download the free version before upgrading to the premium services.

  • Great customer support

Only those clients who have subscribed to the premium version have the advantage of getting the 24/7 customer support. 

The company does not offer live support, which is not an issue because their online customer support is always ready to help.

The Betternet support answers Questions within 24 hours unless it is a critical issue. To learn more about their service, you need to go through their customer service system

  • No log files

Betternet company promises their customers that they do not collect, store, log or even share any data from the users. 

They have assured their clients of privacy on their privacy policy. They have fully explained what they cannot do with your data.

The high level of security is one of the reasons why most users love using the Betternet VPN. Betternet ensures that it complies with the DMCA notice but will not give out their clients’ data and information.

The cons of using Betternet VPN Services.

  • Numerous adverts for the free version

Everyone hates those ads that pop up while browsing. They are quite annoying, and sometimes one ends up clicking on them even without their knowledge.

Unless you have paid for the Betternet premium version be ready to see numerous ads on your homepage.

The company uses the ads to sort out its bills and keep the services running, therefore, the more the ads, the more the money.

The best part about Betternet services is that they inform their users of where they get the money to run the free services making them ready to see the affiliate downloads.

If you want the free VPN, services from Betternet remember there is no way around the free ads. You can look for other free VPN services that have no ads, but you won’t be sure of their services.

  • Slow speed

One disadvantage of using Betternet VPN services is the fact that they have very slow speed. First, they offer their customers a higher uploading speed than the downloading one, which is quite weird.

Even when using the premium services provided by Betternet don’t count on blazing speeds. For this reason, Betternet VPN is very poor for torrenting.

This means if you are downloading a large file you will have to wait for a long time before the download is completed. Users can compensate this by using the P2P file sharing applications.

  • No Netflix and slow for torrenting

Betternet VPN is not good for massive torrents because of their low speeds, which makes it hard to download a single movie or video.

The company does not allow torrenting on their servers, but they tell their customers they will comply once they receive a court order or a valid warranty.

  • Potential security threat

The academic study on VPN application did a survey and found that Betternet could be a security threat.

They believe that different VPN companies have been injecting adware or malware on their sites meaning they are not giving their clients the security they assured them.

So far, no one has brought proof that Betternet has been injecting the malware but the fact that Academic study listed them as one of the suspected companies is worrying to the users.

Betternet offers more downloads compared to other VPN service producers, and this gives them some sense of credibility.


Betternet is a right VPN service provider, and I love that it is free. The problem is that it does not live up to its name because of the different issues like slow connection speed.

The company should work hard on improving their services and clients should avoid the free services and pay for premium services.

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