List of 29 Best Torrent Sites and Guide to Safe Torrenting

best torrent sites

The list of the best torrent sites changes every year, some of the top sites remain on the list, and unfortunately, some of them lose the rank. Even many popular torrent sites were closed due to high-profile surveillance attack.

If you are a torrent lover and looking for an authentic list to check out the best torrent sites of this year, then you are in the right place.

This list is based on user feedback and the traffic of sites listed here; you will find all your favorite and necessary contents in these sites such as movies, music, games and much more.


We have presented an organized list based on different categories so that you can find out the best site for a specific category according to your need.

Before going through the list, you should check out some important factors.

What is a torrent?

Simply torrent is a file that contains the information of the complete file user wants to download from another source. Torrent files are tiny; you can download this type of files from any torrent provider website that will take only a few minutes. 

However, by using a torrent client software, you can download a large size file with the help of this tiny file of few kilobytes.

The torrent client software connects several computers and creates a peer to peer network, every user who is connected to this network are called peer.

In this connection, the devices won't need any central server moreover the software connects all the computers and create a server via the users can share resources.

We can say that the client torrent software is a surprising method to download various files from other devices.

The concept of Seeders and Leechers

If you are doing torrenting you must know these terms; a user has to upload a file in the torrent client software so that another user can download that file.

The user who is uploading files is referred as seeders. A BitTorrent software always gives priority to those who maintain a good ratio of downloading and seeding; the seeders get a lot faster download speed than the leechers.

Now you must be wondering what leechers is?

If you download any torrent files and store the complete version on your device and don’t allow other users to access it via the client software, you will be referred as a leecher.

The more seeders a site has, the faster the download speed becomes, some software helps users to seed automatically such as Utorrent that makes every downloader a seeder without doing any extra work.

You can also remove those files from the seed list if you do not want to share those files with others.

Risk of Using Torrent

Those who enjoy free downloading movies, TV shows, books and so on sometimes become careless.

There are some necessary precautions that you need to take before using any BitTorrent client for downloading torrents.

You may not know that downloading torrent is illegal in several countries of this world.

In most of the cases, people download pirated content via a torrent site, so the severe risk of torrenting is the trouble of lawsuits and legal fines.

India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, China, Denmark and a lot more countries have forbidden torrents in their country.

If they find out that you are downloading or sharing any illegal torrent files, then you may get fined or sued by the copyright holders.

At this moment, you may be thinking of quitting Torrenting, is that the only option left?

You don’t have to do that if you own a good VPN connection.

Most of the BitTorrent users don’t know that their IP address is visible to other users accessing the same client software.

This can become a fuse for you if you don’t take any action in time. Advertising companies, surveillance officers or even hackers can track you by using your IP and cause you harm.

ISP throttling is another issue here that can be caused by over downloading torrents, even if downloading torrents are legal in your area, your ISP can decrease the speed of the connection to save their bandwidth and make a better profit.

Again by using a VPN you can get rid of both of the problem as well.

If you download any scum files that contain malware or viruses your device may face serious disturbance. Good antivirus software can be a savior in this case.

How to download torrents?

Those who are new to this concept of torrenting maybe confuse that how to download from the torrent sites. There is nothing to worry about, torrenting is the easiest and fasted method of downloading any content.

The first thing you have to do is to install BitTorrent client software on your device like UTorrent or others.

After completing the installation go to your preferred torrent site and download any file you want. Click twice on the downloaded file, and it will be open up in your client software. Now it’s ready to download so you can sit back and enjoy.

Difference between Public and Private Torrent Sites

There are two kinds of torrent sites- Public and Private; you may become confused between them so we will clear the concept here.

The most significant amount of the torrent sites is public where you do not need to subscribe; you can search and download whatever you wish directly from the site. Because of too many members, this type of sites becomes overloaded, and your download speed becomes slow.

The other kind is the Private torrent site where you need an invitation to subscribe to the site. You cannot just download files without any subscription.

Due to low traffic, the quality control is possible at a high instant and also the download speed is much faster than the Public torrent sites.

In this article, you will know about the most famous names of both Public and Torrent Sites of this year.

Best Torrent Sites for Movies

People love to watch high-quality movies without facing any buffering; these sites will help you to find your preferred movies with excellent quality service.

Check out this list of top torrent websites and search engines to find out which one suits you the best.

The Pirate Bay

This site is well known as the king of Torrent Sites due to its extensive database and exclusive features. Get loads of content and other surprising features in just one place.

Pirate Bay started their journey at 2003 and still, it is one of the best torrent sites exists today. You can download movies, TV shows, games, music, whatever you want from this favorite torrent site.


The popular torrent site has been closed, however, here comes a new version Torrentz2 which is indeed an improved site than before.

This site is good for downloading torrent files of movies and also offers you a metasearch engine where you can look for torrents in 50+ torrent sites.


One of the leading torrent sites with a great collection of torrents where you can download your favorite contents. This site offers an amazing cross-section recommendation function that undoubtedly increases the smoothness of the interface.

You can easily search for your desired torrent files on other websites directly without facing any hassle.


This torrent downloading website gets into this list due to its growing popularity. This is a Bulgarian site, however, users from all over the world now using this platform for downloading and uploading torrents.

This site is an old one founded in 2008, and it is stated to gain popularity in 2015.


The mother site EZTV was closed in 2015 due to some ownership issues between two groups. Now, EZTV.AG is the new working torrent site that gained a lot of users in recent years.

This site offers their torrent files, and that’s why you can download high-quality files without any fear.


If you are looking for a reliable site that can provide you a beautiful collection of various torrents in a secure way, then you must checkout Torlock.

Not just movies you will find all types of TV shows, games, and others within this fantastic site.

This is another famous site that offers metasearch engine facility, the section also provides a unique service, and that is you can search torrents from various sites in two languages. Other than English you can use Spanish to find out your desired torrent. is an excellent source of music and movies where you can download files from both torrent and magnet links.

Discover numerous movies, series, anime, music, games and so on by using this exclusive site. Use the browse options to get the required torrent, and the best thing about this site is they offer a unique feature. also allows you to stream any content directly from the website that boosts your enjoyment.


One of the best torrent downloading sites for worldwide users that offers a rich database of files in several languages. You can find various content in Japanese, Russian, French, English, Korean and many more languages.

You can also get various kinds of torrents like movies, TV shows and so on together in one place. 

An impressive site which has been providing torrents successfully for several years. The database is rich with various contents, and also the user-interface of this site is excellent.

The founders of the LimeTorrents have come with a new torrent cache iTorrent that becomes popular among various torrent search engines.

Best Torrent sites for TV Shows

We all love to watch TV shows however there are many famous streaming sites where you cannot access free, or it will allow only some specific regions of the world.

Downloading torrent files can be the best option for those who want to watch the latest series without wasting any money.


TorrentDB requires registration before downloading their contents. However, this is a matter of minutes, complete your registration and download your favorite TV series.

You will find here broad categories of books, games, software and much more, for more flexibility they are offering subcategories like in TV series you will get Humor, Animation, Fantasy, Mystery and many more.


TorrentDownloads is a favorite hub for the users who love to enjoy various TV shows and drama. Along with television programs, you will find movies, games, music and a lot more.

TorrentDownloads is on this list because of its neat and user-friendly interface.


You can trust this site without any doubt; this is a fantastic site for downloading torrents of TV series, games, movies, apps and more. This site offers a simple and easy interference which helps you to find out your preferred torrents easily.

The safest torrent site with an exclusive database can be your favorite hub for downloading torrents. 


It is a brand new website for downloading legal torrents, this site serves tons of TV shows, anime, movies, games and operates the place according to the DMCA rules and regulation.

You have to use a VPN connection if this site is blocked in your area or you can pick another site from this list.

Best Torrent Sites for Music  

Enjoy unlimited music times by downloading torrents; you can get the HD quality latest collection from an authentic torrent site.

If you want to be a musician you should know there are sites where you can download music related torrent files as well.

Sky Torrents

Type your desired keyword in the search bar and get loads of results related to your search. You can also check out the top 100 list of trending torrents available on the website.

A vast collection of different music and the hassle-free user interference make this site top among all these best torrent sites for music.


This site started its journey recently and did well, accessing the site and look for the desired contents is easy enough, and also it is one of the best torrent hubs for music lovers.

This website offers subtitles, movies, games and various other genres to keep the users satisfied.


Those who are mourning due to the closing of the KickassTorrents they can try out this site. This is a new site that can be a replacement of KickassTorrents and they have an excellent collection of music.

A smooth and hassle-free interference that gives you a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


This torrent site is one of the most elegant picks for those who love music. The site offers you an astonishing search engine with reliability.

You have to register on the site before downloading or uploading any file. You don’t have to look for your desired music files on other sites after you check out this website.


This website is famous for its amazing user-friendly features; this is a micro torrent site where you can get your necessary torrent files in over 450 sites.

Toorgle reduces your trouble by providing an add-on that you can attach to your browser and search from the browser directly. Along with the other sites, they also offer torrents from their database.

Best Torrent Sites for Games

Torrenting is the only way for teenagers who are game freaks and unable to buy the latest and exclusive games, these sites are impressive with a massive collection of premium games that can be downloaded easily within a short time.

Go through the list if you are searching for some best websites that offer torrent files of games.


If you want to download PC games, then this one is perfect for you that allows the box files as well. The database on this website acquires almost 3 million of exclusive torrents that are alluring for any user.

SeedPeer also offers a secure downloading where you can get your files safely without any trouble.


A mindblowing torrent site that is specially built for game lovers, you will find a vast collection of games of different categories.

The GamesTorrents offers an elegant interleave with a massive database. Without any confusion, it achieves one of the top places on our list with its excellent collection and service.


Here comes again this torrent site is too good for games, even you can look for IGG and CPX games, that’s why I have mentioned it another time on this list of games.

Their homepage is attractive where you can search for torrents of different categories and also check out which torrents are popular among users. You can download quality files from this fabulous website for torrents.


You can try this site that is popular among users for its user-friendly interface and attractive search engine.

If you are interested in a site that will provide you all kinds of torrent files, then you can choose YourBittorent. The site offers you a varied collection of games, movies, ebooks and much more than you expect.


This is a private torrent downloading website that can catch your attention with its massive archive of 60,000 torrents.

Since it’s a private torrent site where you have to register otherwise, you cannot be able to access the site. A good hub for the gamers who want to download securely.

Private Torrent Sites

If you get an opportunity to access a private torrent site, you should grab it without any doubt. In this list, you will find the names of the top-notch sites that only accept invited users and where you have to register before downloading your favorite files.

We will share the exclusive sites which are attractive to any torrent lover.


This is the most useful site for tutorials, ebooks, educational courses, the website allows users to download various informative content.

This site is helpful for many learners, and it is serving around 14000 users successfully. The site is quite old and started the journey at 2004 and still serving users with efficiency.


The best site for Otakus, if you want to watch your favorite Japanese animes, you must register on this site.

They have a huge archive full of exclusive animes, more than 141,000 torrents are available currently, and they serve at least 16,000 users. An alluring hub for animes with secure downloading option indeed.

Broadcast The Net

The safest website with loads of collection of TV shows, here you will find only high-quality videos and also different categories such as classic, modern, international and so on.

The database is massive contains over 200,000 torrents, and currently, this site has 34,000 users.

Pass The Popcorn 

A massive database of 380,000 torrents and best for movies, this one also good for movies of different genres. Watch classic or modern whichever you want from this superb collection.

This site is growing popularity, and currently, 35,000 users are uploading and downloading files in this community.


This is a fascinating website for music lovers; here you will find torrents that are related to music. Redacted is a new site and has started its journey recently, however, the user traffic of this private website is promising.

This site has 27,000 users, and the database is quite massive with millions of content. 

What are the Signs of Fake Torrents?

Some cheaters upload fake torrents to spread malware or redirect to any other site. If you are downloading any scum file, you are just wasting your time, and as a result, you may face privacy issues, and your device may face serious virus troubles.

You can avoid all this mess and download movies, music whatever you want from any site by identifying several signs.

Check out the number of seeds and comments first, if you see a torrent with no comments you should avoid this one and a good number of seeding also indicates a better service, however, uploader may use software that can provide fake seeds, so it will be wise to follow the comment sections.

There are torrent sites that perform verification on torrent files if you find any verified files, you can enjoy them without any doubt.

We always seek for latest movies or shows, in that case, visit the IMDB to find out the release date of that content, some uploaders put fake files before the release date so you can easily find out those scums and avoid them.

The safest extension of a torrent file is AVI and be suspicious about the files which contain MKV, WMA, WMV extensions, usually, WMA and WMV are used to connect with other corrupted sites.

The most dangerous extensions for torrents are TAR, RAR, ACE where the RAR files may bring Trojan malware and codec scam on your device. The reason behind this is these type extensions can hide that virus.

Properly check the list contents of a torrent, if you see a list with exe file, you should avoid this without any thinking, and it is suspicious if you find no listing either.

Some uploaders put a file on a site that requires a password or asks you to follow special instructions don’t do such foolish things always avoid this type of files.

It is wise to read out all the comments if the file you want to download is corrupted or fake, downloaders will mention that on comments, do not start to download those files which have the massive amount of comments you should check all the feedbacks before taking the next step.

There is some torrent client software available on the web that is harmful to the users, after checking many user feedbacks we know that a few softwares are responsible for spreading virus and malware.

You should use a reputed client software which ensures your privacy and safety. We recommend to check out the reviews before using any new torrent client software.

You can use Google to find out any legitimate torrent files in a smart and faster way. First of all, you have to open a torrent file that you want to download and copy the tracker name of it.

Then you can paste the tracker name into your Google search bar to check out the results. If you get any suspicious results contains words like fake, scum or anything like that from any sources, you must move one and try another one.

For a secure file, you will get a lot of good results from other torrent sites, and you can download those without taking any stress.

A good media player can create a safe platform for you; we recommend some reputed media players like Windows Media Player, WinAmp, VLC MediaPlayer, KMPlayer that are trustful, try the most suitable one for your device and get necessary help by searching on Google.

The Conclusion 

Torrents are a relief to those who love to enjoy tons of content and get rid of the hassle of downloading in a traditional method, torrent downloads make your download speed faster and also you can get many latest resources available on the web in a torrent format.

Be aware of the risk of torrents and must get a VPN and an antivirus to protect your privacy and be on the safe side.

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